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Discussion in 'Pork' started by bob1961, Jul 23, 2010.

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    did anyone catch it on tv....just caught it as the segment started and the guy had a good rub recipe and spray "BUT" then he said to put it on the grill, foil it at 160 to bring it up to 190 to pull it....kelly asked how long does it need on the grill and the guy said 8 to 10 hours [​IMG]  ....ok i'm no expert at this smoking stuff, but 8 to 10 hours on the grill over heat won't that be a bad thing trying to do pulled pork....they didn't say anything bout a temp to cook with like in a smoker....the guy was spot on "UNTILL" he said stick in on the grill....correct me if i'm wrong.............bob

  2. richoso1

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    Did it look/seem as if he was using an indirect heating method? Doesn't sound like a well put together demonstration at this point.
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    Did some searching and I may have found some info on the episode you posted about? On the attached link is a picture of who I am referring to, hopefully you will recognize if it is him or not. Also on the link he posts his recipe and there this guy states using a smoker.


    This guy was the winner for pulled pork in a contest Regis and Kelly sponsored and after he won they had him on their show demonstrating his recipe, that is why I am thinking it may be him. Either way his butt recipe and spritz recipe sounds good and easy !!!
  4. shooter1

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    I didn't see the episode but I'll be willing to bet if he didn't use a smoker he was using an indirect heat method as Richoso suggests. I did quite a few butts on my Weber kettle before I purchased my smoker for 8-10 hour smokes with great results.
  5. bob1961

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    yeah that looks like the guy, i know they only hava a few minutes on shows like that to show what they do....he didn't say indirect heat just stick it on the grill............bob

  6. the recipe does look like it would be tasty though. maybe a little too much salt for my taste but not bad otherwise.

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