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Discussion in 'Pork' started by nstoltzner, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. nstoltzner

    nstoltzner Newbie

    Hello All!

    I started smoking about 4 months ago and needless to say I am hooked in a great way!  End up smoking 1-2 times a week now, especially pork butts because we love Pulled Pork(PP).  The problem is that the good old stand by of pulled pork, slaw, and a nice bun gets old after a bit which got the misses and I thinking about what else we can do so we of course tried nachos and the like.  Monday night I went home and the wife ended up making up some PP stir fry over rice and it was honestly one of the best things I have tasted with this wonderful meat.  Does anyone else re-use their PP in ways that aren't "standard"

    Figured this would be a fun discussion!

    Nathan S.
  2. tropics

    tropics Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member


    egg rolls stuffed cabbage etc.
  3. oldschoolbbq

    oldschoolbbq Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Chili , Shepards Pie , stuffed in peppers(Jalapeno) , stuffed Bell Peppers , as seasoning in Beans or Soup , and something I like to fix when I have some leftover is PP and a good sharp cheddar thrown in a pan and melted together with peppers , onions and Cornbread on the side...

    just off the top of my head ! :biggrin:
  4. joe black

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    These are all good ideas. I have also wondered why PP wouldn't be a good base for brunswick stew. While not pulled, you can always take it off at 185* and slice it. This leaves you all of the options of a regular plate. Cabbage, corn, green beans, broccoli, baked sweet potato and all that other stuff. Good luck, that's a great problem to have.
  5. smokingearl

    smokingearl Meat Mopper

    My wife told me to try to eat a bit more healthy, so I made me a salad and topped it with the rest of my last pulled pork. I'm not sure I can eat a salad without it now lol.
  6. We like pizza (with 50/50 bbq sauce/tomato sauce), and enchiladas. The sky is the limit.
  7. nstoltzner

    nstoltzner Newbie

    That sounds absolutely, insanely good.  I know what's for dinner Saturday!
  8. nstoltzner

    nstoltzner Newbie

    All of these good ideas are making me hungry!
  9. PP Fajitas are a favorite for me.
  10. PP---nachos, fries, hash, mash taters and gravy, stuffed taters.
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  11. nstoltzner

    nstoltzner Newbie

    I have never thought about that one!  Have you ever tried injecting your PP with some Enchilada Sauce?
  12. talan64

    talan64 Meat Mopper

    Well some of it depends on your freezer space.

    I alway buy the 2 pack of butt's at Cash & Carry.  I season one with BBQ seasoning, and one I season with taco seasoning.  The taco seasoned one gets pulled and used for taco's, nacho's, chimmies, stuffed peppers, and as a base for my pork/chili soup.

    So many things you can do.

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