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  1. Hey guys,

    So two times in a row I have failed to achieve pork that falls apart in your hands. Same idea both times, 5lb's of pork shoulder smoked @ 200degF for 6ish hours. When I take it off, its beautiful -- amazing smoke ring, flavour and really moist but its not pulled porkesque -- more like a great pork roast haha. Am I taking it off too early??

    much appreciated.
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    Big question is, what temp internally are you pulling it at?  You have to go through any stalls and pull it min. 185° to 205° to get it to pull properly. Purchase a good thermometer and, using it correctly, will open a whole new world of smoking for you!

    BTW, moved your post from "Grilling Pork" to just "Pork" as it is smoking pork to pull it, not grilling it; too hot and too fast.
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    No Way you are going to get a 5lb Butt to pull in 6 hrs at 200*F. At 200*F it will take at least 2 1/2 hours per pound, so you would need to smoke a 5lb Butt 12.5 hours. At 225-250*F it will take 2hrs/lb, at 250-275*F it will take 1.5hrs/lb. You will be needing to take the Internal Temp to about 200*F +/- 5* to get it to pull easily...JJ
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  4. I just smoked 5 sevin to eight pound butts .Smoked at 220 -250 derees took between 9 and 10 hrs .Pulled them when they hit 200 degrees  internal temp ,then placed in a cooler for 2 hrs .All of them fall apart very easy to pull. 

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