Pulled Pork for the Jedi Training Camp

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    Two of my grandsons (brothers) turn 6 and 7 on Friday. There will be a Jedi training camp on Saturday with Darth Vader and Obi Wan coming in to train the wanna be Jedi's - we were asked to do the food for the party  of 70.

    I started 35# of PP yesterday in the Smokin Tex at about 4PM and it finally got to 165 so I could foil and go to bed at around midnite.  Went thru one heck of a stall this morning sitting at 170 for over 3 hours then finally climed out and is now in the cooler for the next 5 hours or so while someone goes to the office for a while

    Here is the smoker loaded up - not too many pics as I did not want the temp loss

    Here they are packaged up ready to start  - doesn't look like 35 # does it

    Here they are all rubbed and into the smoker

    Here they are going into the cooler - I use the dryer to heat up the towels to keep the inside of the cooler warm - they will sit here for several hours until I can get the time to pull them later today

    thanks for looking - will try to post the finished product later tonite
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    Everything looks great so far but the only thing I see is. Are you going to but towels over the meat to help it stay hot. I know you took them off to take the Qview right??? Now I have heard that the jedi training could be really hard and makes for some really hungry young jedi's warriors too. You cann't forget the instuctors or is that Drath Vador and obi wan canobi
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  3. scarbelly

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    Yes the towels were not added to the top yet- I tried the dryer program with the towels the last time I did a big smoke and it worked really well - put the towels in the dryer for about 5 min to heat them up then add some to the bottom then the meat then fill the rest of the cooler to the top with the remainder and it will stay very warm for hours

    Yes the trainers are Darth and Obi and they are covered in the food counts - hoping to get some sword time in myself LOL[​IMG]
  4. scarbelly

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    So the pork butts  sat in the cooler for about 6 hours wrapped in foil and warm towels and was so hot I could barely unwrap them - I did so in a big bowl to capture all the moisture trapped in the foil.

    Here is a picture of a couple  of the butts after unwapping and putting in the bowl


    Here is one  ready to shred


    Here is some of the 22# yield - I was surprised at how little we lost


    Here they are bagged into two large bags each with 7# of meat the smaller ones with almost 4# ea- some of the liquid after cooling and skimming the fat and some apple juice with Captn Morgan and some rub. These will be heated on site in the bags using hot water to keep them from drying out


    Now off to the Jedi Training Camp

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  5. scarbelly

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    Here are some pics from the training camp. These guys stayed for an hour and a half and had the kids totally engaged the entire time - I have another set with them with their swords that I will post later




  6. mrsb

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    That is too cool!
  7. smokey paul

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    Wow Scar that was a great pull and looked like the park was a good day for fun. Was that OAK park or ??

    Enjoyed the pic and the views of the PP.

    Good eating..
  8. Ha!  I thought you were kidding bout the Jedi training camp!  That is AWESOME!  I bet they had a ton of fun!  ...and got some great food by the looks of it, too!  Thanks for sharing the yummy and fun pics!
  9. scarbelly

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    The two guys had the kids totally focused for 1 1/2 hours. No one left for a potty break and they all paid attention - My grandson has been a little scarred of Darth for a while - when Darth started walking across the field Andre yelled at the top of his lungs " Somebody call 911 quick"  LOL  he finally learned to like him and had a great time
    Thanks Paul

    The park was Warner Center Park on Topanga Canyon in Canoga Park
  10. bunk

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    That is way cool...I have to get them for my next birthday party...I mean my boys next party :)

    Pork looked great too

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