Pulled Pork for my Wedding

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  1. I'm catering my own wedding. I will cook the Pork on a BBQ trailer three days prior to the wedding, then freeze it, then thaw (add JJ's finishing sauce) and serve with BBQ sauce on the side. My question is, should I use Pork butt or save some money and buy Pork cushion? The difference in cost isn't huge per pound, but when you're cooking for 200 people every little bit helps.
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    Congrats to You and your Bride. Three days out you really don't need to freeze, but if you have a system you use, stick to it. Lots to worry about the last days before the Wedding. Cushion is much Leaner and for my taste drier than a Pulled Butt. I use Cushion and Picnic for that matter, for Slice Pork like my MIL made for my Wife. I have made Pulled Pork with it but only if on sale for a great price.
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    Hopefully you only get married once.

    I'd go for the butt. Make the PP something everyone will remember!

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  4. I havent smoked anything yet. But when we cook pig for a luau we use pork butt because of the fat. It stays really moist.
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  5. Just saw this, how did it go? I just got married last fall, chose to pay someone else to cook. Haha! Hope it went well.

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