Pulled Pork for 100 People!? HELP!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by maria1175, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. We are throwing an anniversary party for my parents and somehow the RSVPs have reached 100 (don't ask!).  I have a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker, 30" version.

    If we can fit 4 9lb pork butts in there, that would be fantastic.  Just wondering though... as I have never smoked that quantity at once...

    - Will we have issues with getting it to come up to temp?

    - How much time should I allow?  1.5 hours per lb is the rule of thumb I have heard, and that would mean 4.5 days, so that's why I'm really wondering if it's even possible to do.

    - What temperature should I cook it at?

    - If this is crazy, and we just drop it to 2 pork butts (18 lbs in the smoker, do the rest in the oven), same questions apply (time, temp, etc.)

    Any advice or other tips would be greatly appreciated!

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    Your best option is to smoke the meat in advance then reheat the day of the party. That way there is no stress.In my opinion pulled pork is better after it sits for a day or two.

    You need to figure 1/3 pound finished weight minimum per person. A bone in pork butt only yields 40-50% of its original meat. So for a 100 people you need 30+ pounds of cooked meat.

    If you must cook the day of or day before, allow a good 24 hours. Your cook time will be longer initially if you load the smoker up as it will take time for the smoker to come back up to temp. I would figure 2+ hours per pound of the heaviest piece of meat. So if you have (4) 9 pound butts, that would put you at 18 hours running the pit at 250°. I'd add another 2 hours to be safe, and another 2 hours for resting prior to pulling.
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    I did my first competition back in March and I had to cook 15 pounds minimum. I ended up with 27 pounds (4 butts). I allowed for 12 hours due to the quantity of what I was cooking. It turned out great! They were all in the 7-9 pound range.

    Hope this helps and good luck!!
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    My only suggestion would be to bump the temp up as high as your smoker will allow.  Butts are great cooked anywhere between 225-350 and even higher than that they can be great.  It will save you some time and stress to do it well ahead of time.  Personally for that amount of meat I would cook as high as the smoker allows until they get until about 160-165 or stall on you (whichever comes first)  then wrap and finish them in a 300 degree oven until they hit about 203-205 or they are at the tenderness you like for pulled.  I'd  let them rest for a while and then pull them all.  Put them in large foil pans.  Save the juices from the foil and defat them in the fridge.  On the day of service, I would mix in some of the defatted drippings with apple juice for added moisture, cover with foil and back into the oven until they are hot throughout.  Hope this helps.  I have done large amounts this way and the result was always good, maybe even better than right off the smoker.

    Good luck and let us know how it turns out!

  6. Thank you so much!  I will let you know :)
  7. That is good to know -- thank you!!!
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    yep....this is what I would do!!

    Good luck!!

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