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  1. So I have smoked several pork butts in the past and never could get it to pull apart like I have seen. After reaching internal temp of 180 I let rest in a roaster overnight and still no luck had to knife in chunks. Any suggestions?
  2. eman

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    Internal needs to be 200 - 205 then rest before pulling
  3. timberjet

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    I suggest you smoke your butt to 165 internal, wrap with two layers foil with some apple cider and keep cooking to 205. Then wrap in towels and into a empty cooler for at least an hour. No overnight roasting needed. Works every time. You should keep your smoker temp at around 225 or a little higher is ok. Some of these guys and gals go hotter and shorter, but not this guy. Never had anything but great results over the couple hundred I have done. Now, the last few I did I did not foil but just straight smoked to 205 and then foil, rest. They were awesome too, just more bark. I think that is your problem you need to go to at least 200 but 205 is better.
  4. waterinholebrew

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    All good info above, but I personally would not foil..... I'd just let er roll & get that crazy good bark on that butt... :2thumbs: Just my 2 cents !
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    Keep your temp @ 250*, and let that butt ride all the way to 200*, no foil. When it hits 200*, foil it, wrap it in a large thick towel, put it in a cooler and let it rest for a couple of hours.

    What are you using for a meat temp?
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  6. I have a built in meat thrum on the big easy? ya I think it may be time for a new wireless double monitoring system?

    Thanks for the input ALL sounds as if I need to get meat hotter and will be resting in a cooler for an hour or so!

    What's a good therm. that will monitor smoke and meat temp?
  7. waterinholebrew

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    A lot of folks, myself included have purchased a Maverick ET-732 ! Check one of them out ! Also the 200-205* IT that is stated above is a rough guideline, not every butt is gonna be done right at 200-205* IT.... though the majority will, ya don't wanna go to all that work and pull it too early or late.... So personally, ya can see if the bone is loose & wiggly.... If it's to the point ya feel ya could just pull it out, then it's done.... Ya can also take a temp probe & when it will slide into the meat with little resistance, I'd pull it ! This may happen at 195* IT, 202*IT, or it may go to 206* IT.... Just keep a close eye on it from 195*IT going forward.... Each piece of meat is different ! Though butts usually do go around 200*IT + before done.... just keep in mind each will vary ! Then wrap in foil, towels & off to the cooler for at least an hour..... I done one the other day and rested for four hours ! When I went to pull it, it was falling apart ! I'll add the link if your interested in lookin at it ! Hope this info helps !
  8. I don't recall the internal temp I got to but the 200's sound right, the main thing I did is let it rest for about an hour, just long enough to be able to handle it. It has worked well.
  9. seenred

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    Hi Tbriggs,

    You're getting great advice from all the guys.  Unless you've tested that built-in thermometer for accuracy with a boil/ice test (should read near 212* F in boiling water, and near 32* F in ice water), I wouldn't trust it much.  Most factory installed therms are cheap and inaccurate.  The Maverick therm that Justin suggested is very popular around here...I have 2 of them.

  10. blacklab

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    200/205 is a good pulling temp. If you go to much over you'll have mush like over mixed can tuna fish.
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  11. talan64

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    My last pulled pork (still need to post my q-view) last weekend, I brought them up to 203 internal, then let rest in a foil pan wrapped in towels and tucked in the oven.  They both pulled like a dream!, and plenty of nice bark, since I didn't wrap them for any of the cooking time.  This was my first without wrapping, and I will probably keep doing it that way.  Some of the ends got extra done (crispy) but my wife and I enjoyed them separated out, just like meat candy!

    I think you just need to get the internal up a little higher, the pork fat doesn't really render until 180, and you need to break down that connective tissue, so you are just at that point. Let that fat render back into the meat for extra moist!

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