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    I haven't posted any of my smokes lately so here is this past weekend's. I hosted a graduation party for a niece with about 50 guest. So I decided to serve pulled pork (27lbs) and chicken quarters (30 pieces). I rubbed the pork with my standard pork rub I use and refrigerated for a day.Then in the smoker at midnight at 230 with apple juice in the pan and hickory chunks.

    Then at 5:00 am time to add more wood and spritz the pork.

    Then around 11:00 They are all 165-170

    Time to double wrap in foil.

    Then back in the smoker till they hit 190 and into the cooler..

    My cook area.

    The chicken quarters I had brined using the Slaughterhouse Poultry Brine for about 12 hours. The I rinsed off and patted dry. Then I put the pieces in a big pot and mixed in EVOO and a rub (Magic Dust). The into the smoker at 300 with chunks of hickory.

    I started pulling them out when the hit 170.

    After 3hrs in the cooler time to pull out to shred and serve.

    After shredding I added SoFlaQuers finishing sauce. I also had a bottle on the table to add extra when my guest served themselves. It was very popular.

    Overall I was pleased with both.The pork was moist and had a good bark.The chicken was very moist and the rub (Magic Dust) was very good on the chicken and will be a regular on my chicken. Thank for looking at my smoke.
  2. Nice lookin cook there.  Smoked meats look fantastic.
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    Them look great - nice cook area and where did you get your spritzer bottle that's kinda neat. Nice Job
  4. fester

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    I love this sprayer it sprays a fine even mist on the meat. Here is a picture of the box. I bought it for around $14.00.

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    Looks great, you can almost smell it,

    Got a bag of Leg Quarters I need to get smoked up soon ....  just haven't found a really good chicken rub I really like yet ...

    may have to whip up a batch of Magic Dust.    I'm assuming that its Mike Mills Recipe.     Keep up the good work.

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