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Discussion in 'Pork' started by exc503, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. exc503

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    I am having a party in about a week, and plan on doing two pulled pork, one "standard" smoked pulled pork, and Cochinita Pibil. Question is the Cochinita pibil recipe calls for 250*, while "standard" pulled pork is *225. I have a vertical gas smoker, and this will be my first time really using it for a long smoke, but from what I can tell so far it is pretty good at holding temp fairly consistent

    That being said, I have seen, temp ranges all over from 225 - 250 for puled pork shoulder, would I be able to produce a pretty good pulled pork "standard" at 250*, and how will that change my cook time. I want to say that it will put me at about 90 minutes per lb or there about for both of them. I have to have these ready by 7:30 pm, and was going to start the process at around 8 am (giver or take, ill juet keep feeding the guests beer until they are ready if need be.)

    My current plan would be to stack them in the smoker on two separate grates or on the same if they will fit, and smoke them at the same time. 

    Any thought or suggestions. 
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    I typically run my smoker about 225-240 when doing pulled pork.  I know some that keep their smokers at 250 while doing butts for pulled pork.  I have learned that if you let the butt get to about 207-210 it will pull very easily.  I'm doing two butts today for pulled pork and been having problems with the temp on my smoker.  It has been getting up to 275 not sure why and all the adjustments I'm doing just don't seem to be working.  Looks like its holding at about 245 right now so I'm going to finish them at 245.  Right now the IT is only 165 and they have been on for 7 hours.  So I think you will be fine running 250 for the whole smoke.  Good Luck!!
  3. exc503

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    Cool. Thanks for the info. Good luck.
  4. exc503

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    Another quick (probably silly) question, if I am doing two at the same time, do i use the total weight of the two to calculate approximate cooking time, or the single weights as they will be two separate pieces.  
  5. dirtsailor2003

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    Weight of each piece.
  6. exc503

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    Thank you. So with an 8# and a 5# looks like I am looking at getting the larger one on at 02:00 to eat at 9pm, and 08:00 for the smaller. Gonna be a long day, but should be worth it. 
  7. curtisimo81

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    So how did they turn out??

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