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    We decided to make some pulled chicken after reading the newsletter.  In the past we have done this with half chicken breast and half thighs.  This time we went with all skin on and bone in thighs, lets see if it turns out any better.  I have to give credit to Mrs. Heavymoose, she has done most of the heavy lifting.

    About a month ago we took a sausage making class in little Italy.  We took home the sausage we made at the class so I threw a piece of it on the smoker as well.  

    At 1.5 hours I put the chicken in foil with a little cider vinegar and water.  It is looking pretty good.

    Took the sausage off at about 2 hours.  It is really good.  I need to start making homemade sausage.

    Took the chicken off at 3 hours.  Turned out great, but we think 1/2 breast and 1/2 thighs is a little better.

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    That looks delicious!  Nicely done...[​IMG]


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