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Discussion in 'Beef' started by ricka77, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. ricka77

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    Greetings fellow smoke lovers...

    I have a bottom round I grabbed at my local grocer, small guy, about 2.25 Lbs.  I'm going to start smoking today around 3:30-4:00pm, with a basic rub and injection.  I'll add some au jus and veggies in a pan underneath after an hour or so.

    I'm trying to get the meat tender enough to allow it to be pulled apart, versus sliced.  Almost like a pulled pork, and the au jus thickened up to be more of a sauce to pour over.

    I was going to smoke at 225-250 for 1.25 hours per pound, or until IT hit about 150, then wrap and finish in the oven.  

    But after reading a few threads here, it seems I may be expecting something I won't have as a final product...

    This is my second smoking, two weeks ago I did an awesome tasting brisket, but it too was sliced and then chopped into little pieces.  I couldn't get to be tender enough to be pulled apart after 12 hours in the smoker and two more resting.

    Is this even possible?  I eat it all the time at a local BBQ place, and it is crazy good.  It looks just like pulled chicken or pork, but I don't know exactly how they cook theirs, or get it to a pulled state.

    Any tips or advice to get a more tender roast?  I figured it would smoke/cook for about 3-3.5 hours, then rest for one hour, and I could eat it by 8pm or so.  Proper IT to wrap, and to rest?


  2. ricka77

    ricka77 Fire Starter

  3. ricka77

    ricka77 Fire Starter

    Well, I guess I'll go it alone...lol

    It's on now at about 225.  IT is at 115.  I'll open the dampers a bit in 30-45 minutes to raise the temp up a little, and also put my water bowl of broth, beer, and veggies in underneath.

    I also learned that rushing to get it all ready is stupid, as I cut my finger pretty bad trying to slice an onion....stupid onion..

    225 now, IT at 117...It smells so good...hopefully it will get nice and tender after being wrapped and rested.  Qview when it's all done and ready...
  4. Hi Ricka! You can search for bottom round and find a ton of tips and hints for smoking a beef roast. I believe what you're looking for is an I.T. of 200 to pull.
    Good luck. :)
  5. chef willie

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    That's a tough cut......might not pull very well for you unless heavily wrapped with juice and left in until it falls apart. I'm thinking maybe even a tinfoil pan with plenty of aus jus etc and foil wrap that.
  6. ricka77

    ricka77 Fire Starter

    I do have a foil pan, and the au jus is now in the water pan above the coals and below the roast.  I'm waiting for the temp to get back up.  The temp was dropping pretty quick, and once I removed the lid and rack to put in the water bowl, I noticed a lot of the coals had burned through to the grates, and there was fresh fuel just sitting off to the side.  So I pulled the cylinder off and moved some coals around to get it going again.  It's now at 226 with all dampers at 100%.  I'm hoping I can get it back up to 250-275 for 30-45 minutes, then I'll inject it again, wrap it heavy, and put it and the au jus in a foil pan, and let it go until IT of 200.

    I know it's a touch cut, but even if it doesn't pull apart, it'll still be damn good...  extra good as I laid out 5 strips of bacon on top of it before I put it back in.....  

    228 inside now, IT still at 135.  If IT doesn't go up in the next 15-20, I'm calling that a stall and will wrap early...
  7. ricka77

    ricka77 Fire Starter

    Ok...so next time, I need more fuel.  I didn't start with enough, and when I added more, it still wasn't enough to get it over 235.  So I took the whole pan, and it is now sitting on my gas grill, all 3 burners on high.  IT was 173 last check.  I'm not looking again for 8 more minutes.  The au jus is boiling and slowly reducing a bit..  Looks so good, smells better.  I have my bear claw shredding hands ready to do whatever they can...  I might take a small piece and grill it direct for a little char and crunch...
  8. chef willie

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    Well, I wouldn't go near a grill with it, however....if you must, try it. Look into the Minnion Method for longer heat. I'd let it simmer until done, maybe lower the heat a little and ride it out......W
  9. brooksy

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    I would suggest that if you want a pulled beef then get yourself a chuck roast. Cook it till it hits 165ish and then wrap with some rub and a little beer in the pan. Take till 205ish take off wrap in foil and rest for an hour. Should shred apart like pork and you'll have what you're looking for.
  10. venture

    venture Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Not the cut I would choose for pulling?  Not saying it couldn't be done.

    Too lean for that application.

    I would go for a chuckie or a well marbeled briskie?

    Bottom round would be ok at medium rare and sliced very thinly across the grain after refrigeration.

    Think beef dip with a good au jus? Or other sandwich meat?

    Maybe cured and  cold/slow smoked for a lean faux-pastrami?

    Just my choices?

    Good luck and good smoking.
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  11. ricka77

    ricka77 Fire Starter

    This was a learning experience, and a damn tasty dinner!  The misses made her insanely creamy mashed taters, and along a couple of beers it was just fantastic!

    Thanks for all the advice!  I'm still picking up little things here and there.  I will try a chuck roast for next time.  But this was still just as good as my first brisket, and that received many compliments at a party I hosted and served at.

    So here's some Q-View..  

  12. fwismoker

    fwismoker Master of the Pit

    I love it for pulled beef.  It just takes a while to break down.    I'll smoke low temp... 200-225 until i get some bark then i'll put in the crock pot with peppers, onions, beef broth/bouillon and cook until it's done.    It's sooooooo good for pulled sammies, just gotta be patient with it. 
  13. ricka77

    ricka77 Fire Starter

    So about how long do you let it go for to get broken down enough to be pullable?  I'm thinking I may need to start adding an extra 2-4 hours for future smokes...  That would make for a long day, or I'll have to work on mastering overnight temp controls..
  14. fwismoker

    fwismoker Master of the Pit

    It's really varied for me but i usually don't plan on eating it the same day i put it on but you could.   My advice is just take your time with it....give it a nice long low temp smoke and long braise. 
  15. venture

    venture Smoking Guru OTBS Member


    I can see a braise on that!

    Good luck and good smoking.

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