Pulled beef, Solar Style

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  1. Decided to take the new Q' on a proper run today, going with a pulled beef roast(found a rib roast from last years cow in the back of the freezer) with onions, peppers and banana peppers, from solars thread.

    rubbed down with tarragon mustard and simple beef rub(garlic, pepper, onion, and ancho smoked salt)

    Onto the grill at ~235

    Into the dutch oven at IT 160, added onions, banana peppers and a sweet orange pepper.

    Up to it 190 and still goin to ~210

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    So far , so good . . .[​IMG]
  3. Out of the smoker

    After resting, shredded

    Onto a crusty roll, with green salad and sweet tea

    This was great, used hot BPs and it was the perfect amount of spice.
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    Great looking sammies!
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    I gotta try this.

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    Very nice & interesting ! Looks awesome, cool method ! Thumbs Up

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