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    I want to smoke a beef shoulder roast (clod, 8lbs) along with a pork picnic (10lbs) and mix them together into a pulled mixed meat.... sounds good to me. Anybody ever try this? 

    I've never cooked a clod before so not real sure if this will work. Couple of questions........

    Should I brine / inject  the beef as I would pork?

    Should I cook the beef to the same temp. as the pork? From what I've read the beef will take longer???

    Any and ALL advise is welcome.



    Well Here 's my Pork & Beef smoke

    Here's the beef clod all trimmed forgot pics of the picnic


    Picnic on top clod on bottom. I put these in the smoker at 8:00 am with just some low heat to for 2 hrs. dry them out.

    10:00 am started the smoke brought the temp. up to 235. This was the longest smoke I've ever done. Pulled both of them at 3:00 am the next morning. Total of 17 hrs.,  pork was 197 and beef was at 194 degrees. Wrapped them I foil then wrapped in towels and put in cooler.

    Took them out about 2:00 pm that afternoon, still warm. Here's the picnic.

     beef clod.

    The beef came out kinda dry but had a nice flavor. I anticipated this and was hoping the pork would make up for it. 

    Clod all pulled.

    Picnic. Aint that pretty.

    Picnic all pulled.

    Bark from clod.

    Bark from picnic.

     All mixed together. Happy to report that the picnic had plenty of moisture to make up for the beef.

    Mixed with a little secret sauce on a bun.


    It was /is good. The beef has a subtle flavor with the pork being slightly dominate.

    A few weeks back I did a butt / picnic combo and really enjoyed it. That got me thinking about this project. Of the two I think the picnic / is better but this was good and fun  to make. LOOOONG smoke.

    Having this again for dinner tonite.

    Thanks for looking
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    UJ, sorry  as I don't even know what a clod is.[​IMG]
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    It's the shoulder.
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