Pull pork for Game Day!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by lee forst, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. Well, I just rubbed down two 10 lb pork butts and stuck them in the fridge. I'm going to start them tonight and pull them off around lunch time tomorrow to pull them for a Super Bowl party. I'll do a couple fatties as well. I also think I'm going to make BBQ potato skins. Q-views will come as things progress.

    GO GIANTS!!! Who are you going for? And more importantly, what are you smok'n?
  2. bassman

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    That sounds greaat, Lee! I suppose I need to get the smoker out and fill it with something for tomorrow. Fatties always sound good[​IMG][​IMG] . Keith
  3. It all sounds good Lee,my wife has to work tomorrow but I think I'll do a FATTY,can't go wrong with them.[​IMG]
  4. got my 5.5lb butt in now with italian sweet sausage,, tomorrow will be the ribs & chicken,, gonna prep the pulled pork tonight & reheat tomorrow!!
    chicken is in the brine....[​IMG]
  5. walking dude

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  6. Dang guys, sounded good out there. I can't wait to get the pork on the smoker!!!
  7. Thanks Walking Dude. I didn't see that post!
  8. Smoker is coming up to temp. Butts are warming up from being in the fridge. Here is a pic of them before going on.
  9. Here is 10 hours into the smoke. Lookn' good.
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    Gettn a 9# loin ready to smoke now. Was supposed to start er last night, but the beer got ahold of me..hope fully we can get this thing smokin! As far as teams, this year I'm sad, DA BEARS are sittin at home coolin their jets...so I will be on the Giants side so I can't be called 'bandwagon' by rooting for the Patriots...bsides, I saw the Pats play at Arrowhead, and they lost...sorely
  11. Butts lookin' good Lee!! Can I come to your house for eats today??[​IMG]
  12. Congrats to NY!!! I think it was these pulled pork potato skins that brought them luck!

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