PT100 to PID wiring

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by nunantal, Jan 5, 2015.

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    I am planning on using a pt100 rtd to measure/control the temperature  in my smoker but have a question.  I would like to

    be able to quickly connect/disconnect the pt100 from the control box that holds the jld612.  Can I use a stereo male on the

    end of  the pt100 and have the female stereo connector mounted on the  control box?  By doing this, there will be different

    types of wires going from the female connector to  the jld 612.  Is this OK or will the pt100 not read correctly?


  2. You have to use an appropriate connection. You're RTD is K type correct? Get these and you'll be able to remove the RTD from the box connection. 

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  3. nunantal

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    No,  the RTD is not a "K" thermocouple.  My understanding of RTD's is that they are a completely different animal than a J, T, or K

    thermocouple.  Thermocouple's have only two leads whereas many RTD's have 3.

  4. Alrighty. Here are a couple options for connections depending if you're mounting on a box or simply hanging.

    I don't have a full understanding of using different wires when adding connections to these types of sensors, but it's always been my understanding that using different types of wires to make the connections will throw off the reading.
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    RTD work like a thermocouple in theory, resistance.

    In order for a TC or a RTD to provide accurate measurements, you must use the connectors and wires that are specifically made for the type you are using.  More than likely your RTD is a wire  wound unit enclosed in ceramic or metal.

    Check the spec sheet for your specific part, and go from there.
  6. nunantal

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    Thanks for the replies. I've decided the safest thing to  do is  to not add any different wiring between the RTD and  the JLD. 

    Hopefully, that will eliminate any possibility of erroneous readings. 

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