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Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by oconeeal, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. oconeeal

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    I have been reading and wanting to get a new smoker.  Thanks to the help of SeenRed and other post on this website I went to Augusta Ga today to Rec Tec and pick up a new grill.  The people there were so helpful and answered all my question. Got home tonight and put it together and will do the first burn tomorrow.  I am looking forward to years of cooking on this grill/smoker.  
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    Great , hope it does exactly what you want. Some Q-view of it would be nice , while curing it or better yet , with a big old hunk a meat.

    Have fun and . . .
  3. Just burned in my Rec Tec this morning. First smoker I have bought and very excited. Have seen people comment in forums and YouTube about cooking bacon to season it. Is this a normal practice and important to do?

  4. oconeeal

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    When I was at Rec Tec yesterday that what they said to do so today my first smoke was bacon candy.  
  5. Thanks for reply and picture. I noticed you had your remote temp gauge in the grill but still conditioning the grill. Any reason?

    Wish I could have driven to pick up the rec tec. But happy the truck finally made it to Seattle.
  6. oconeeal

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    I had check the temp of my grill and it was off.  I called Rec Tec on Sat they had me run a test on the temp and then over the phone reset the temp prob.  They were so good to work with.  
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    Congrats Al!! Lookin forward to seein lots of your Qview! :beercheer:

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