Prototype Smokehouse Heating Calculation Spreadsheet

Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by gbguy71, Sep 20, 2011.

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    I couldn't find anything that gave me the answers I needed, so I put together a prototype spreadsheet that is a start.  The biggest problem is computing the air changes per hour, as that has a HUGE effect on the requirements.  Any thoughts/comments/contributions are welcome.

    It is a bit rough but can easily be improved once the basics are covered.
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    You can check out my smokehouse build on the bottom of this post; it gives the dimensions and the parts I used to build it and see if that 'fits' into your spreadsheet correctly; the 35,000 btu propane stove I use has several variants for different temps and controls but works great; I've used it in 35° weather to 108° weather; still winds to 40 mph winds and can maintain 150° to 280° in any 5° increments you'd like and hold steady with minor adjustments.  It's a basic design and not insulated (here in Tx we don't need it; in NNY where I'm originally from and it'd get down to 45° below zero.... we'd have to use a salamander to warm up the smoke room enough to get the pilot light lit to get the smokehouses even on, and sometimes take the salamander outside to warm up the propane tanks to get the gas flowing enough so we could get them to light, lol!).  Anyways, welcome to check out the build to see if it can further validate the science behind it!

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