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  1. I'm entering into my second annual 4 month smoking season (If I'm very bad, I'll have to STAY in Seattle when I die).  With a solid year of lessons behind me, I've moved beyond the concepts of temperature control (use less charcoal) and patience (add more charcoal), and now I'm working on rubs, glazes, mops, and sauces.

    At the core of this is the search for great ingredients.  You see, it turns out there's more than one kind of spicy pepper powder from which to choose.

    Of course, I already have cayenne (I keep a shaker of it on the table, for everything).  I've also got ancho and chipotle.

    Perhaps you guys could tell me about some other peppers that are worth having in the smoking arsenal, as well as what you use them for specifically.
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    Dr, morning.....  I buy the dried peppers in the Hispanic section of the market.... several varieties and dry them again in the oven at 170 or so...  You can also dry fresh peps like Habs, Bhuts, Thais etc for more heat....   I save them in a zip bag until I grind them....  If you want to make specific flavor profiles, weigh out different peppers and spices and grind in a coffee grinder.... You can add any dried spices from onion, garlic, celery, coriander etc to your mix....  Great for adding to marinara, ketchup, sour cream, thousand island dressing, etc... It is a lot cheaper than buying in a jar and there is no anti caking stuff added....  (disclaimer) When grinding hot peps, do it outside, wear gloves and a mask...

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  3. Thanks Dave!

    As long as I'm being lazy, though, are there any pepper powders you'd recommend for bbq?
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    For Rubs along with those you have I also like Red and especially Green New Mexican Chile Powder. Guajillo is one of my very Favorites it is very fruity with just a warm glow I use it, along with the New Mex Chiles, in any dish I want a Southwest flavor in. Japones Chiles are the little fire crackers in Chinese food and add a good flavor when toasted and ground. I have just gotten all the ingredients to start a batch of Kimchi and the the Korean Chile flakes, Gochugara/Kochukara, is slightly sweet with a faint smokey flavor and up front heat but is not atomic hot. I have yet to determine what smoked food I will use it in but I like it a lot. The other must haves are Hot Sauces with my top three being, Huy Fong Sriracha and Sambal Chile Garlic paste, Hotter Texas Pete and when I can get it, Matouk's West Indian Habanero Sauce...JJ
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    Dr, morning....   Each pepper has it's own flavor profile....  I use an assortment of the milder peppers for flavoring...  less than 10,000 scoville units... I feel these have great flavors and personal preference comes into play when picking flavors... 

    For side dishes to compliment the Q, we will use chipotle ground peppers... a smoked jalapeno... it make the sides a bit smokey so all the dishes have the same flavor profile.....

    When needing heat, I use the red pepper flakes...  They have flavor but I find the flavor hard to discern when my throat is burning, so the amount is very little... I grew some Thai chiles that are hot, and Rivet sent some tabasco screaming hot chiles for me to try....  As far as I can tell, I use such a small amount of these, there is no discernable flavor... I guess I'm a WOOS when it comes to heat... flavor is more important with just a tickle of heat to make stuff interesting... 

    So to answer your question, pick up an assortment of fresh chiles at the market... do a taste test of each and make notes.... dry and grind them and do another taste test.... even smoke some and do the same....   I can't recommend specific peppers only I prefer those with less heat....   Dave
  6. I agree with Dave, pick up an assortment and give them a try.
    Unfortunately though, some of the best flavored peppers aren't available at any price and must be homr grown.
    Maria Nagy's Transylvanian, Beaver Dam and Melroe are a few that come to mind immediately.

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