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Discussion in 'UK Smokers' started by markuk, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. markuk

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    Hello - long time no post

    Done many racks of what I think are Baby Back Ribs which are about a 1/2 inch thick - however was poking about our local butchers and they offered me a HUGE rack - about an inch thick - what are these called please ??  Also what's the best way to cook these - if you could direct me to a post that would be great - may cook them in the oven first to try as opposed to smoking if anyone has experience of that....

    Thanks in advance

  2. wabby

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    Sounds like you have been having baby back ribs for some time :)

    For a full rack of spare ribs (Much larger than baby backs), look @ the americans for there 3-2-1 method. Seems to work a treat :)
  3. markuk

    markuk Smoking Fanatic

    Thank you - I've used that method for Baby Back but reduced time - will try them in oven first so maybe 5 hours under foil at 120 C ish then ???
  4. I just had a similar experience and learned the following: 

    Baby back ribs are cut so thin here because most of the supply comes as a by-product of bacon producers, and of course, they want as much meat off of them as possible.  

    I was enquiring on how to get a better rib, and my butcher said I want "belly ribs", which have part of the belly meat still on there.  These are essentially spares, but even less trimmed than spare ribs as they still have the cartilage.  We could only eat about two ribs before being stuffed!

    Next time I will get the cartilage trimmed, and maybe 1/8" more of the belly meat.  

    I did these 3-2-1 and they came out much more juicy than the baby backs ever have.  

  5. wabby

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    Nice smoke ring.

    They bought in UK?

    If so, roughly how much did they cost? Fancy seasoning my UDS with some of those.
  6. Thanks Wabby

    Definitely bought in the UK....specifically from http://www.higgsbutchers.co.uk/

    The photos above are about 1/2 of the original rack - it would easily feed 6-8 people.  I think I have the exact weight and price at home so will look tonight and reply again.  
  7. smokin monkey

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    If you have or know somebody with a Bookers card, get yourself down there, look at the Yellow Boxed ribs, in the freezer. About £25.00 for four huge rack of ribs
  8. markuk

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  9. markuk

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    Cooked them yesterday in oven - 3 hours @ £ 150 C under foil in oven on a rack with water - then around 1/2 hour

    Came out very juicy however too juicy in a way as you couldn't cut them on the normal "rib" way - the meat just broke up - was very nice but for ribs I prefer the shape

    did I give them too long and or wrong temp ??

    Scratchings came out well !

  10. Scratchings look great!  I am a firm believer of rib meat staying on the bone when you pick it up as well - in foil they get tender much quicker as you get steam action as well, and you have to watch out for that.  3 hours doesnt seem too long, so perhaps turning the heat down a bit will help. In the days of yore I believe I did mine at 135
  11. smokewood

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    I'l second that, Bookers ribs are fantastic, I still have a full rack in the freezer from last year.

    Hiya Mark, I always use the 3-2-1 method.

    I was cooking a Brisket at 300 degrees  and threw a rack of ribs in with them, and they were the best ribs I have ever cooked, they seemed to be a bit more tender than when I cooked them at 225.
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  12. markuk

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    I've heard that about Bookers - worth a go at getting a card - thanks for all the info - assume you are talking F not C for temps ??
  13. smokewood

    smokewood Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    Yes that's F Mark sorry!, I think if you tried it at 300 degrees C you would have a lot of black crispy bits [​IMG]

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