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  1. I need help on temp control. I have a vertical Chinese smoker about the size of a refrigerator it works but temp is to high for jerky and summer sausage type meats. low temp is 200 and high is 500 that is what type control it has and range, this is all analog control no electronic at all, it has its own stand alone pilot control. I need 120 to 170. what type of control set up do I need to get this temp range ? and where can I buy these type of controls ? Any help would be great.
  2. lamar

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    You don't need an expensive control on a gas burner. Simply add a needle valve in the gas line. Do a search above for lots of needle valve installations.

    good luck
  3. Ok I will look into the needle valve option and see if that will work on this set up. Thank-you for the reply.
  4. lamar

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    A needle valve will work on any gas burner. Simply install it in the gas line, turn on the valve on the smoker on to high and control the flame with the needle valve. It's that simple.
  5. I use an electric countertop burner when I do sausage.
  6. So I have looked into the needle valve option, but I need a more set and forget operation o just keep an eye on it type deal. this smoker has a pilot control with thermocouple and also a temperature controlled gas valve. but the lowest temp I can get is 200deg. I would like to put an electronic control and gas valve on it so this could be an all in one type smoker or cooker. any input would be great.
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    Propane Hot Water tank will control from about 80 to 140 ish....
  8. dirtsailor2003

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    Here you go as set and forget as you can get with gas:
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  9. thanks for the link dirtsailor2003 it was very helpful, I need to fine tune some things but on the right path.
  10. dacheez17

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    I have some homework to do. I don't understand exactly what all that was, but I know I want temp control when I'm using propane to finish. Oh boy
  11. Moving  right along on my smoker modifications. I found gas valve, electronic thermostat, and transformer I installed temp gauge today and waiting on the other parts. I hope to be smoking meat soon. Thank you all for you help. I'm open for any suggestions I can get.
  12. dacheez17

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    What temp gauge did you decide on?
  13. Tel-tru 3in dial 4in stem temp gauge
  14. Update:  So I'm still working on this build/modification changed gas valve to 360C03-333, temp control is a pakstat series II and a 24v transformer to run gas valve. Gas valve is plumbed in and pilot hooked up and working. Next step is to wire up control and gas valve and should be able to start smoking.
  15. Finished smoker and added second thermometer. Does anybody have suggestions on smoke generation?

    or the best way to make smoke I made a smoke generator but it don't seem to work well so I ordered a larger air pump.
  16. Another question. when smoking summer sausage, snack sticks or salami does anyone use a water pan in their smoker? and is there any benefit from water pan? I use a water pan in my master forge smoker when doing butts, ribs and briskets.

  17. I think I have modified this box to my specification, it looks good I added a smoke generator that works well. now I need to smoke some meat. thank you all for you help.
  18. dirtsailor2003

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    I do all of my smokes in a dry pit.
  19. thank you dirtsailor2003. I smoked dry in the past and just wanted to be sure on honing my skills. this forum is awsom for info and techniques.

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