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  1.   As some of you may remember, I recently purchased a MF from Lowes.  Seems like a decent quality unit.  I'm very new to all this.

      Last weekend did my first smoke - a whole chicken.  Turned out OK - a bit too much smoke flavor for my taste but live and learn.

      Anyway, I have a brisket on now.  This was only 3 pound.  It came from a 1/2 cow we bought about 6 months ago and was labled "Brisket Roast" by the butcher.  I'm not 100% what the cut actually is :)  As 1/2 of it was a lot thinner I cut it in 1/2 - thin half and fat half.  This way I can remove the thin part earlier if needed.

    I'm doing an OK job of holding temp at 230-240.  Let it climb up slowly and making small flame adjustments as needed.  My boiling water tested Maverick is doing a great job.

    First on:




    While I have had some luck getting the TBS - it has been a challenge.  I have the bottom vents completely closed - the top vent open.  My theory is that less air = better smoke.   So I've had bouts of heavy white smoke - I'd pull the wood tray and spay the wood down with a sprayer until it stopped - then re-insert.  this seems to get me TBS for a bit, but then back to the billowy white stuff.  This last time it turned white I just let it go for a bit - about 30-45 minutes later it's back to TBS.  Not sure what affect this will have on my meat - but we'll see.

    It is my first try, and I have some backup plans in case dinner is ruined :)

    I'll post more as the smoke progresses - meat is at 133 after about 2 hours in there.....

    Thanks in advance for advise you may have.  I've got thick skin so don't be afraid to point out my stupid mistakes :)

  2.   As a new user this post was delayed - no big deal.  It is still going 7 hours and 45 minutes in now.  I think I just broke through the stall which happened at about 155 and the meat is now at 167.  Getting close!

      Thew some potatos rubbed in olive oil and kosher salt a couple of hours ago as wells as some garlic "pods".  

      I'm excited and can't wait!

  3. sprky

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    [​IMG]  so far. awaiting the results. [​IMG][​IMG]. That's the same smoker I have and LOVE it. It is a good unit for the price. Keep the TBS rolling. I find I have better luck with chunks and just a few chips.
  4.   Sorry to hear about the Pack tonight sprky.  But hey - how many undefeated seasons are there :)

      I'm a little suprised - my little 3lb brisket is still going - 172 now with the smoker @ 237.  The smoker temp is rising a bit so I'll have to go check it soon/now.  I'm at nearly 9 hours and had guessed it would take 7 hours total.  We are snacking and waiting :)

    - Chak
  5. I keep the lower vents and upper vents open about !/2 and adjust the temp somewhere between low and med with small adjustments. I uesd chips at first, but now use wood chunks, they last longer. You can also wrap the meat tight in foil, add some liquid and put it in the oven to braise for an hour or two.
  6. Thanks SmokinJoe,

      First run and I wanted to see what a "plain ole smoke" looks like wiht brisket.  Smoker is @ 237 and meat is @ 178.

      I have no idea, but due to the long smoke on a 3lb piece of meat I'm expecting dry and not too good.  We'll see, I'll post pics either way for educational purposes :)

      Ok, so as writing this the alarm went off that it is exceeding 240 degrees. - and at the same time hit 180 on the meat.   I'll post more later.

  7.   A couple of lessons learned.  Potatoe's were not quite done after 3 - 4 hours in 220 ish temps.  No biggie they had a nice blackened skin so I'm thinkin they will be tasty.  Garlic placed on the there about 3 hours ago is delicious but a bit dried out.  Have to work on that.

      Meat is foil wrapped in a cooler wrapped in blankets.  Due to the late hour - I'll only let it rest for 1/2 hour and then slice.  I'm exited and can't wait to see if I bombed or it is delicious :)

  8.   Ok, I'm starting to feel like a thread hog - but what the heck, it is my thread!

      It was all delicious.  I think now I understand how Rudy's BBQ does their potato's and it really just requires a few more hours on the smoker.  Those things were close and Rudy's is by far my favorite baked potato.  Just rubbed em down with olive oil and kosher salt and smoked for about 4 hours.  5-6 would be perfect.

       Baked beans - my wife loves her baked beans recipe and I won't share it here - however, taking that formula and instead of using the oven using the smoker for ~3 hours is MUCH better.  Of course I moved the "drip pan" down a shelf and put the  beans where they would catch the majority of the drippings.  That was a a hell of a call as I don't like baked beans but those were good!

      The main course.  Damn.  I was convinced that my little 3 lb brisket shouldn't take more than 6-7 hours.   I was wrong - but let me tell you - the 9 hours on that thing made one of the best cuts of meat I have ever made.  I love a good rib eye or prime rib - but hate to admit that this cheap cut of meat can be just a delicious.  Granted, it wasn't quite a juicy as I was hoping for, I have ideas about that.  First off, this cut as described above had very little if any fat cap.  At the thickest it was 1/4 inch and much of it had none at all.  I take it as an overly agressive butcher not knowing where this meat was going to end up.  

    Second thing was I had a spell under 200 degree's.  That I believe not only lenghtened my smoke time but may have contributed to the dryness.  Don't get me worng - the meat was wonderful and not really dry.  I just wasn't running out juices like I eventually want to achive.

    In Albuquerque, I consider Rudy's BBQ as the standard.  I love their brisket.  This was close, but not quite there.  


    All in all - thank you ALL!!   Without your experience on these forums I couldn't have done it.  More and better to come...

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    TY you are right very few go undefeated. I'll probably get [​IMG]for this............I'm in shock that they lost to the chiefs the chiefs I still cant believe it and I saw it go down[​IMG]       Yes I'm a die-hard Cheese head transplanted in chiefs country.
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    Great looking meal you have there Chak!

    The brisket looks delicious!
  11. bakerman

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    Give yourself credit Chak. It looks good. Doing my first brisket this coming weekend. First I gotta smoke some chicken wings for the office party.

    Smoke Good!
  12. mballi3011

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    Your meat looks awesome and sorry about the lost but it was gonna happen. Now for your lower vents I would keep them about 2/3s open if I were you. It's easier with gas to regulate the temps to.
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    Looks good.

    Cant wait to use mine.
  14. im1986

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    Looks good to me...

    Smoking is trial and error. The best way to learn is just to try it. I am new to smoking myself, and I have been using my smoker as much as i can just to learn and get better. 
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    I have found that if you place your meat in a baking pan to smoke rather than on the rack it will stay very moist.  It does not interfere with the smoke flavor AND much less clean up!!!!  I have been doing this for sometime.  Everyone raves about the yummy smokey flavor.  PLUS you have the drippings from the meat.  I smoke at 200-250 degrees all the time.  Gave my pork ribs a nice crispy outside with smokey flavor.[​IMG]


    [​IMG]Smoked a turkey at the same time.   Was really moist.

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