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  1. Im new here, hope I'm posting this in the right place... I own a welding fabrication shop and have building smokers for years. I traditionally built wood only smokers but there are a lot of guys nowadays wanting propane fueled cookers. I have had a lot of success building cookers but dont pretend to know everything. I ran across this forum and you guys know your stuff! I have built a couple using high pressure burners like ones in fish & turkey cookers. These worked very well but i have seen others with large furnace type burners. Does anyone have any suggestions on some other types of burners? Or where i can get cheap burners?
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    Welcome to SMF. A lot of guys here build their own burners as supplement to their wood fired smokers. Use search here and you'll find many ideas. If you are looking for parts Google Tejas Smokers. They have what you need from full set ups to small parts.

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