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  1. Today I made my second attempt at pulled pork.  I followed a recipe indicating smoking the pork at 200-220 for 1.5 hrs per pound.  I had 2 three pound pork butts which I smoked simultaneously.  I ignored the recommended time, but stayed at a smoker temp of a about 210.  I wrapped the butts in tin foil at IT of about 135-140 after three hours.  I continued the cook until the IT reached 190 then let the pork rest for about half an hour before unwrapping.  The meat was smokey, tasty and tender and was enjoyed by all, but the pork did not "fall off the bone" or pull very easily.  It was suggested that I cook at a higher temp (~225) and increase the temp after wrapping.  Does anyone have any comments on this?

    (BTW... the pork is just about all gone, so i am not disappointed with the result.  I just think it was more suited to slicing than pulling.)

  2. I'm just a newbie, but from the research I've done (mostly here on the forum) I might suggest doing them at a slightly higher temp (225-250) and taking the IT all the way up to 200-205.  Can't say that I've had any "successes" to share with you since I am 14 hours into my first boneless pork shoulder smoke with no meat on my plate yet!

    Take it for what it's worth...
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    Hey Joe. I run my smoker at 225 degrees and smoke til it hits 160 degrees, spraying with Apple juice every hour. When it hits 160 degrees I wrap in foil and run til it hits at least 190 degrees, usually 195 degrees, then wrap in towels and place in a cooler for an hour and it usually plateaus at 200 degrees. The bone always slides right out. I will.bump the temps up after foiling unless I have other things in there. Hope this helps.

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  4. c farmer

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    I smoke at 275 smoker temp and never foil.
    Not foiling gives better bark.

    Pull off of smoker at IT of 205 then wrap in towels and into cooler.
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    I used to run my smoker at 250* bit now I run it anywhere from 265*-285* for fall off the bone you really want to go to An IT of 200*. I like to pull mine at 205* then foil and rest for 45 mins to a hour. Then pull. For choppin or slicing take it to a IT of 185-190.
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    One more thing I do not spritz or inject and I do not foil during the cook.
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    I cook my butts at 250° and never wrap them with foil. I don't pull them off until 200-205° internal temp. The bone falls out every time.

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  8. c farmer

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    Listen to this guy.
  9. OK. So it sounds like run it at a higher temp, take it out of the smoker at a higher IT, and give it a decent rest period. Running it at a higher temp is good news... that will shorten some of the cooking time!

    Thanks for the input.


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    I don't inject the mine between 270-275 now...and don't foil anymore.  Still you need to be mindful of the IT not the time.  Each butt will be a bit different.

    Some will take longer than others.  Smoke/cook until the 200* mark...foil it...let it take a cooler nap for at least an hour....or longer.  Still will be warm...and will pull a lot easier.

    My 2 cents!

  11. I had another thought.  If you cook it at a  lower temp but still get the IT to the 200 mark, will you have the same result just with a longer cooking time?

  12. fwismoker

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    250 is a good medium or minus. My last one I [email protected] fell apart.
  13. tonybel

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    Ditto what he said....
  14. I never foil mine, and I always keep the temp between 225 and 250. I do spray with apple juice once every hour, and I stop adding wood halfway through the cook.

    Ironically, I just posted a video on my Youtube channel for this.  I pulled the first butt at 190, and the 2nd one at 185.  I found that the one I pulled at 185 was more tender than the one at 195, and easier to pull.

    Here you go if you wanna check it out:

    EDIT: Posted the wrong linkie, LOL

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  15. Just a noob here but have great success with pulled pork from doing research on the forums.  Seems the more important thing to get to is the IT of 200-205 and as long as you keep your cook temp no higher then 240 the results should be the same.  Lower temp will just take longer for you to hit the magic mark of 200-205. 
  16. Like KathrynN, I smoke them hot and fast. I also Inject and cook at 275° to IT 200° and I don't foil. Those large cuts of meat have a mind of their own and will be done when they are done.
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    I am new also and when I did my first Boston Butt, I didn't foil it. I also do not understand the wrapping meat in a towel and then to the cooler. The meat will increase in heat after pulling even if you don't wrap it. I am not saying it is wrong. Anyway, I didn't foil or wrap after being pulled and the bone pulled right out without any effort, and my IT was 200 degrees. The next one I tried was a picnic. The Boston was better.
  18. ron eb

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    I had the same problem this past weekend.
  19. concordeer

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    I smoked a 7lb butt yesterday. Cooked 250-280 until 160. Foiled from 160 to 205. Refoiled and wrapped in towels and cooler to rest for 90 min. Fell apart when the bone slid out.

    The spritzing, rubbing, and foiling is a matter of preference.

    Get you a realiable and accurate meat thermometer. Also make sure u have an accurate temp gauge.

    190 for slicing, 205 for pulling!!!!! Thats your magic numbers.
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