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Discussion in 'Pork' started by oonighttrain, Jan 21, 2008.

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    i have smoked a few butts in the past. when i first started to smoke, i would go to the store and buy what they called a butt but, apparently it was a shoulder??? the first couple i did, i would smoke them forever and they wouldnt pull. i would only be able to chop them.. so, after finding out what i thought was the problem, i started to ask for the butt and was pretty successful on a couple of them.

    so, i go to the store on saturday and get what the label said was a 7 pound boston butt.. spice it up and i threw it on the smoker at 8 am sunday.. was on the smoker at 225-250 for over 10 hours.. temp never hit over 165 but i figured it had to be done.. so, i took it out and couldnt pull it apart with the jaws of life.. [​IMG]

    freekin pizzed me off....

    so, i think i got another shoulder when i thought i was buying a butt...

    can someone give me an edumacation on this????

  2. bbq bubba

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    Simple......don't figure when it's done, WAIT till it's done!!
    Bodton butt, shoulder, picnic, it's all the same, come's fron the front leg of the pig, someone will post a detailed pic for ya i'm sure!
    Make sure your smoker thermo is correct, also your meat thermo.
    Pulled pork require's low n slow, you got the right temp's but you must have the patience.....165 is sliceable, 195 +/- is pullable, let the pit do it's job and you will be rewarded!! [​IMG]
    Try this link for more detail's!! [​IMG] Pulled pork 101
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    I am assuming you are running into onry butts that are plateauing on you which half the time is common. Just have to be patient and ride out the plateau, when it overcomes the plateau the temp will start rising again quite rapidly till it hits your ideal temp.

    For pulling I suggest an internal of 200º to 205º.

    Another suggestion is to double foil wrap it when the internal temp is 165º to keep more juices in the meat. After the internal temp hit the 200º area wrap the foiled pork in towels and let it sit in a cooler for an hour or two. The pork will continue cooking low n' slow in its own juices and will be even moister and easier to pull.
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    Notice the bone in a Boston Butt (Pork Butt)

    If I remember a pork should is almost covered with fat cap, while a Boston Butt has fat on only one side.

    Smoke till around 160º internal, then wrap in foil. you'll see the temps rise.
  5. oonighttrain

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    i had a digital thermometer in it and a regular one.. they both read the same..

    your right, i lost my patience with this thing.. [​IMG]
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    Ok, here are some pics for ya to help ya out...I hope.
    The pig and where they come from

    Picnic Shoulder

    Boston Butt or Pork butt.
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    great ? and great answers guys. i have yet to do a but ,but its not far offand i'm sure it will be a sucsess with this info. pionts to all answers[​IMG]
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    Well at least he din't ask to debone...phew!

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