Problems with MES 30 1st Gen

Discussion in 'Masterbuilt Electric Smoker (MES) Owners' started by green1320, Jan 26, 2015.

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     I bought a gen 1 MES 30 at the end of December. The day after I bought it I seasoned the smoker per the directions and the smoker was reaching temps of 328 deg per my maverick 733. When the smoker was done at the end of the 3hrs I noticed that part of the metal door had melted at the bottom. The first smoke I did with it the temp would not raise about 200 deg taken with a maverick 733 that I calibrated with boiling water. I called and spoke to masterbuilt and they were very nice and helpful and sent me a new top controller and new door. I received the parts with in 3 days and placed them on the new smoker. The next day I used the unit for the second time. As the unit was being warmed up I noticed in the dark a poof noise and red/yellow flash inside the smoker. I opened the door and the heating element was flashing fire! I called masterbuilt and they are replacing the whole unit saying it has bad wiring. My question is do the MES 30 1st gen have problems with this issue that could be dangerous? Had this happened and I was not watching I am afraid it would have caught fire next to my house. Is there any issues with the MES 40's? Anyone else experience any of these problems with any of the masterbuilt electric smokers? I had a Bradley Smoker for 15 years and never had one problem with that unit and after reading on here decided on the masterbuilt but and now not sure how well they are. I believe this is a huge saftey issue with these units if the wiring is to blame on the unit. Masterbuilt have been very good to deal with and fast at replacing parts but I still am concerned about what happened to this unit. Does anyone know a person at masterbuilt I can contact to speak to about this problem further?


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    I have never heard of this before & I've been paying close attention to MES smokers on this forum for 5 years.

    The only thing as far as fire, I have ever heard of was an MES door catching on fire, but I think the door had a lot of grease absorbed into it.

    This is why I never do all night smokes or leave my MES 40 unattended. However I would not leave any smoker unattended because my smoker  & grill are on my front porch (with roof), and I value my house entirely too much to be doing that.

    If I wanted to leave it unattended, it would be far from my house!!

    Try a PM to "MBTechguy". He is a Masterbuilt Tech, and he could help you.

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    Thanks for the responses!! I have read on several other sites about these units catching on fire. I did PM MB Techguy to see if he will respond and help me out.

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