Problems with Maverick Redi Chek ET-732i

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gotmojo, Nov 26, 2015.

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    Re: Maverick Redi Chek ET-72

    I'm on my 2nd one of  these and with each unit, probe problems.  I called the manufacturer and they sent me a new barbecue temp probe for the first one. Which seemed to fix the issue, until the food temp probe went bad.  I exchanged it at Barbecues Galore and right out of the box the food temp prober read 147 when inserted into a turkey at room temp. I'm going to return this for a refund, but I still need a thermometer.  I like the idea of having a remote unit and the dual food / barbeque temp probes as well.  Can anyone here recommend a better product that will hold up?  I have a ThermoWorks Mk4, but it is a different animal altogether. 


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    Welcome to SMF Mojo.... I just got the Igrill therm... never used it yet but its another brand of therm. you can connect via bluetooth and map your smokes. I too have had problems with my maverick. Customer service will not stand behind their product IMHO... Its not my fault their therms are chepo's. my 2 cents


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