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  1. Hello all,   I have a smoker I built a couple of years ago.  It is a stainless steel warming cart, I installed a 3000 W 240 element and PID controller.  Have a smoke generator I built hanging off the back.  Everything works pretty good for ribs, jerky etc.  But when I do Summer sausage or sticks, I cant seem to get rid of the moisture.  I have a 2.5" hole in the top rear going out the side for a vent.  Just a hole no damper or stack.  Just wondering what I need to do to get rid of the moisture when smoking, figured someone here would have some good advice. 

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    What temp are you using?

    It just takes longer using lower temps-----Give it time, or raise the temp.

  3. I usually try to step it up start out at 125 for an hour add smoke go to 140 for 2 hours than bump up to 180.  Usually sticks hit temp and are still kind of slimy looking don't seem to have that nice butcher shop look to them.  Should I go higher than 180?  I just know it seems awfully wet in the smoker when I do sticks.. I do add a little more water to the sticks than anything else but its the only way I can get them to go through the stuffer without blowing out the top.

    Sticks have been my downfall ever since I started smoking long ago..   

    Getting ready to do some stuff in a week just wondering what advice you guys have..  Thanks Again.
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    1. It also depends on outside relative humidity. If it is very humid, it gets difficult to dry anything.

    2. Relative humidity is temperature dependent, yes, raising the temperature will help.

    3. A convection fan inside will help a lot. It accelerates evaporation.

    4. I have not done this, but I think it may work. If wetness is going to be a continuing problem for you, may be you can rip out an old air conditioner coil and install it inside your smoker and run cold water thru it, You will have a dehumidifier if your water source is cold enough.

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    dfr, morning....  A temp of 180 is too high for sticks.... nepas has a recipe that I used recently....   calls for 24 hours in the smoker at 140-145 if I remember correctly.... add smoke for 2-6 hours at first depending on the flavor wood you are using..  after 24 hours and an IT of around 140 ish, the sticks are done.... the lower temp in the smoker will not render out the fat....   have the dampers wide open for good air flow....  I do not cold water bath after the smoke...  I like the wrinkled look.....

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    You said you have a top vent but are there any bottom vents?
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    X2, sounds like the air is not moving enough to dry the moisture and humidity that the sausage is putting out. The slime you mentioned is a mixture smoke and condensation. My brother was having the same problem with his Smokin-Tex until he added 2- 3/4" holes in the floor. To see if there is not enough venting, next time your smoking sausage leave the door cracked open a little a see if things dry out.
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    I go gradual temps too (See links below).

    Mine are unstuffed. 180 is not too high to finish them, but I wouldn't go much above 190---You don't want to boil them.

    Also I leave mine in until 160 IT-----!40 is much too low to pull them!

    Link To unstuffed logs:

    Link to unstuffed sticks:

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