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  1. I just finished my first batch of summer sausage, and the meat is sticking real bad to the inside.  I used fibrous casings and soaked for 1/2 hour as the package said. Had a good tight stuff with very little shrinkage after smoking to an it of 155* over a period of 7 hours and cooling in an ice bath to an it of 90*.  This was just a trial batch of only 5 lb. and stuffed into 2 1/2 by 20 casings so only had 1 full casing and 1 about 3/4 full.  I used 4 lb venison cut with 1 lb. of 70-30 ground beef.

    Anyone had this happen before?  Loved the flavor and texture of the sausage but it is a real pain to peel.  Is there a way to improve this or is it a problem with the casings?  They were Lem casings by the way.

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    It may be the casing manufacturer but fibrous casing can be difficult to remove..... Sounds like you got a very good stuff on them... I'm thinking maybe slicing and removing the thin strip of casing may be the way to go... I have been able to remove a large portion by peeling the log... slice a cut down the log then peel... It's not easy sometimes...

    clipped from Walton's
    Fibrous Sausage Casings
    Fibrous Sausage Casings are made from an inedible material and are a popular choice when making summer sausage, pepperoni, salami, and more. Fibrous Casings should be submerged in 80ºF to 100ºF water for 30 minutes prior to stuffing. Need help troubleshooting a problem with fibrous sausage casings? Head on over to the following page and see if we can help troubleshoot your process: Fibrous Sausage Casings Help

    PS>>> I looked for the "next page for help" but couldn't find it....
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    7 hrs for a 2.5 inch x 20 chub seems a little fast. Another possibility is your temp spiked high several times through out the cook and over cooked the outside of the sausage causing it to bind to the casing

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    This^^^ I've yet to have any SS get up to finished IT in less than 10-12 hours.
  5. Thanks to all.  Don't think there was a spike in the heat as I kept a close eye on that, never more than a couple of degrees difference.  Started smoking at 120 for 2 hrs, up 10 per hour for 3 hours, 180 till it hit target, was this too quick?  The meat on outside of roll is just as moist as in center, just won't peel
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    What smoker are you using and has it been tested with a remote therm
  7. Boykjo.

    I am using a homemade electric smoker with pid control and watched with remote, all temps agreed the 8 or 10 times that I checked.
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