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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by smoked chicken, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. I tried to smoke some nice thick pork chops today on my Master built gas smoker. I soaked my apple wood chips and lit the smoker. Initially, it flared up under the actual smoker as well as the gas ring. When it got up to temperature - around 200 I put my chops in. I watched the smoker for about 15 minutes in case of another flare up. The smoker is only 6 weeks old. I checked the chops after an hour and they were covered in a sooty residue - they were black! I ended up throwing them away, what may have caused this?

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    Has anything like this happened in the past? Sounds to me like you got a loose or mispositioned part in the gas stream between the control valve and burner, or the burner itself is not secured properly, and is causing a rich burn.

    OK, wait...speaking from experience here as I had this happen earlier this summer...there is one other very strong possibility...if your propane tank's OPD (over-fill protection device) malfunctioned when the tank was filled and the technician wasn't paying attention when he/she filled the tank, the tank could be over-full, and is allowing a mix of liquid and vapor to enter the gas regulator...this will cause flare-ups with a sooty orange flame, and the regulator will likely develop frost on the exterior (from sub-freezing temp)...that's your sign of liquid going through the regulator. Tip the tank side to side and see if you can feel some liquid slosh...if there is little to no slosh, it's over-full. You can fire it up and leave the door open with the flame on high for 5-10 minutes and see what happens...if you get a flare-up after a few minutes, an over-full tank is probably the cause. If you use enough LPG from the tank to resolve this, operation should return to may take an hour or more to use enough fuel to create enough vapor space in the tank to allow for boil-off of liquid without liquid exiting the valve. BTW, this can happen to tanks of any age, and certain brands of tanks are more susceptible than others. I have had 2 faulty tanks so far from Sam's Club, purchased in the past 3 years or had an excess-flow valve issue and the other was a faulty OPD, causing the above described issue. If your tank is from them, knowing what I know now, I would automatically be suspecting a faulty OPD in the tank.

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    Good advice so far.

    Does your flame look like this. If it looks yellow or orange, it is not burning clean.

    Did your chips smoke like this?

    You could probably had washed the pork as it was on the top and only in the smoker for 15 minutes.
  5. This happened to me too. It's due to flare ups or the chips are on fire instead of smoldering. I use a cast iron pie plate instead of the plate provided.
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  7. Hello, and Welcome from Texas. This is a great site with worlds of information.    Some really good advice, I don't have an propane so no help here.


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