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  1. where is the best place to place the smokehouse temp probe in masterbuilt 40. did some wings last nite had the probe on top rack, with the two racks below full of wings. tried putting the probe between the racks of wings and it read quite a bit lower. I'm assuming it was lower cause of the cooler meat near-by. I guess the bottom line is does it matter where the probe is as long as i don't exceede my target high temp.....Also...have made the "tile" mod to the smoker so temp are pretty even.


    Oh ya, the wings turned out great!!

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    I like to have my probe at roughly the level that my food will be cooking at but when you have multiple racks I will usually install my probe on the bottom rack. On my smoke shack I have multiple analog probes which are at each grate level and then I also put in a digital thermometer or two so I am monitoring temps at all levels. The nice thing is with my shack is the whole smoker is within 5 degrees no matter what level you are at.
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    If all the racks have food on them I just try to find a spot near the middle of the smoker.
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    Thanks Smoke'n AL.......I've been wondering the same quesion and now you have answered it........Fridg build on hold til i return from my road trip Feb 23rd  and just cant wait.........Driving me nuts..

    Thanx again

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