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  1. I bought a couple of cheap digital therms to get me by until I can pop for a Maverick. I tested them in boiling water and they seem close enough for gov work (+/- 2*). What I noticed was they had to be submerged about an inch or a little more to get the proper reading.

     How far do you have to submerge yours ?
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    You want to get the probe to the very center of the mass you are cooking. Take a loin that is 8" thick and 3 ft long. You only need to place the thermometer (probe),in the center of the end  4" deep. 4" is your greatest mass.

    Normally on a probe I assume that only the last 1" senses temperature. 
  3. I understand that. I forgot about the set back from the very tip and used one to check a steak ( about 3/4 inch thk, so 3/8 penetration). It said steak was at 100*. I've done enough steaks to know the look and time was way more that 100*. I pulled the steaks and they were indeed well done. These therms will work fine for roast where I can set deep, but I wondering what might work better for thinner than roast cuts.
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    You need a quality Thermocouple Therm like a Thermapen or similar variants. The sensor is in the very tip and only needs to be in 1/4" or so to measure accurately...JJ
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    Like JJ says a thermapen is well worth the money.

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    Cheap dial therms are a bi-metal sensor...    look at the stem and you may see dimples up about 1 1/2" from the tip...  those hold the temp sensing strip and must be submerged above those dimples....
  7. Thanks for all the replies. I have limited use for analog and bi-metal therms. They are fine for most evironment readings, Grill/ oven/ fridge ect. but for meats, resolution is important. I like the percision of digital for meats.

     I hate buying on-line. I've been shopping around and it seems that's the only way to get the good stuff.
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    I agree.. the thermoworks thermapen is well worth the money.. I even have the wife using it in the kitchen... I have the classic...
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    Are trying to read pit temps or the internal temp if the meat? You've been given several good suggestions for both.

    I use an iGrill2 for both out and meat temps. I also use Lavatools Thermowand for quick checking meat. All
    If my therms are within a few degrees of accurate, which is close enough for me. Keep in mind altitude and barometric pressure effects boiling temp which is what most here use to test the accuracy of their probes.

    As for probe depth, all of mine get the reading at the tip. So I make sure that part is where I want to take the reading. Not touching home or in a fat pocket.
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  10. My original post was referring to checking the meat (steaks). The therms I have will work well for " leave in meat" on larger peices like Butts and roast. My problem is checking a steak of other small peice on the grill. With the sensor so high in the probe, I will have to penetrate all the way thru and out the other side,

     I am looking real seriously at the Lavaworks therm. Wish I could buy it off the shelf local, I'd have it tomarrow.
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    Lavatools has the Javelin formerly Thermowand model PT12 for $25.00 including shipping on Amazon with a lifetime warranty. I've had mine since 2014. I'd buy it again. Depends on how much you want to spend. It's my favorite therm.
  12. That's the one I'm looking at. Just wish I could buy it local. I'm a little too old school I guess. I pay now, I want now. Not pay now, get it 2-10 days later.

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