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  1. This is probably a stupid question but I'm gonna ask it anyway. Has anybody tried cooking a butt about halfway then wrapping in foil and putting them in the fridge and finishing them the next day? Would it help or take just as long the next day? I'm going to cook about 50lbs of pork butt for a party at work. Not sure of the size of the butts yet, whatever my butcher can come up with at the time. The party isn't til Sept. he said to give him a weeks notice. The last several butts I've gotten from him have been around 7 lbs, so I'm guessing thats what they will be. I asked him to try and keep them close to the same size so they'll finish about the same time. The party is at noon and the temps in Michigan late Sept can be unpredictable, if its cold and windy I could easily be looking at a 14 hour cook. So I'd have to start at 10pm the night before, I'm not really interested in spending the night at work. I live about 40 minutes away. Whats your opinions on how to do it?A) Spend all night at work, keeping in mind I wouldn't be able to drink beer there and I'm not sure my hog roaster will even light without a cooler of beer nearby.B) Try cooking for 6 hours or so the day before and get to work at 4 or 5am and finish from there.C) Take the day off beforehand and cook then reheat in roaster pans.D) Tell the boss I lost my hog roaster in a poker game.
  2. Cook and reheat.. It won't matter if they're cooked the day before or 2 days before. Good luck and sorry to hear it's at msu! ;) Go Irish!
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    Like FWI says, That's the perfect scenario. Cook the butts ahead of time, pull 'em. wrap 'em, and then heat 'em the next day with a little finishing sauce. That's the best way to start with, its just no one can stand to wait that long to eat 'em. LOL

    So Alex, I would take answer number "C".

    Horns blast, confetti drops, lights flash, fireworks go off.........

    Woot and now for the Final Jeopardy Round

    Tell the boss you should get the day off with pay to cook at home and prepare!
  5. Exactly what Foam said "C".
    I always cook my pulled pork a day or two in advance. You will want to pull it and apply your finishing sauce (if you use one) then into the fridge until you are ready. I put mine in foil chaffing pans. Reheat covered in a 200* oven. If you need to add more finishing sauce at this time. Transport the foil pans of meat wrapped in towels in a cooler. Serve!
  6. Thanks for the input guys. You won't believe it but the boss agreed to it. He was at a graduation open house I cooked for and loved the pulled pork and ribs. He's too cheap to buy ribs for everybody (in his defense, its about 100 people) but he did give me the day off to get the pulled pork done. This way I can keep with tradition and have a few brews while I'm at it.

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