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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by clarego, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. clarego

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    i currently have a char griller charcoal smoker super pro did everything i could to it could not get keep the heat in no matter what i did i tried it all there was a 1/2 gap on both sides anyways,,,,,,,,,,,

    anybody modify a chargriller pro 3001 with the sfb ??? im going to get it btw it looks better built than the super pro ? does anyone have pics of there mods with the sfb? the good thing here for my situation is i can keep parts off the super pro [​IMG]
  2. clarego

    clarego Newbie

    not new to smoking just want the true que taste  with charcoal i have a bradley smoker and It awesome but cant do some things i can with a bogger cooking surface
  3. clarego

    clarego Newbie

    someone has had to modify this smoker
  4. herkysprings

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    If its an offset smoker design you can just do the usual mods such as:

    1) Extending the smoke stacks down to grate level

    2) sealing any leaks with oven gasket / high temp silicon

    3) heat baffle or tuning plates OR a tin foil bread pan with water next to the firebox side of the grate (see below Low and Slow)

    4) charcoal basket incase you need to fix air flow there.

    Serch for "SnP mods" and you should find lots of links. For some reason I cant find the sticky that was made for offset mods anymore...

    I've been reading "Low and Slow" and that is another good resource for BBQing on offsets / WSM / Kettle. It focuses less on mods but more on some techniques. He uses a tin foil water pan on his offset to "disperse" heat and does a lot of meat rotating instead of worrying about even heat distribution.
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  5. herkysprings

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    Here is a pic of my current setup on my offset. You can see the exhaust extention that goes to about 1-2" away from the grate, and the oven gasket sealing I did.

    You do not need these manifolds to make good Q, as stated above you can use a tin foil water pan / rotating. They sure do a good job tho!

  6. clarego

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    tried that on  my super pro nothing work got it for a Christmas gift all these mods were done this Summer. changing back to LP i know in the long run I'm going to save more money. thanks for the suggestions will get back to that project just not now i now its a 4 in 1 at least to burn LP vs charcoal. adding a side fire box to a 3001 i can achieve both the taste of charcoal,wood and heat . this concept of adding the stack to grate level works i seen a difference in my super pro  but not enough i couldn't get it past 200 degrees but was better than 150. I believe the smoker was never right from the beginning the top lid on the cg was off by a 1/2 inch on both sides and i have heard people having this same issue with it. as far as i know there were no recalls on this model i emailed chargriller and still havent received a reply to this issue

    so the plan is to use the sfb with charcoal and wood pellets for the amount needed and use the lp to finish off the cook


  7. clarego

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    hey herky hows the after burner work for yah ? can you keep a low flame on um i herd mix reviews on that as well


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