Prime Rib Weekend & NASCAR!

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  1. Hello All,

    It is the first week in NASCAR and since football is over I needed something to help fill my weekends.  I decided to cook my first prime rib that we received with our quarter beef.  It was a 3 rib roast so plenty for my wife and myself.  Below is my trials and tribulations for smoking my first prime rib:


    I decided to soak it overnight in a sugar/salt brine to finish off the thawing and maybe help move the water and hydrate the meat since it was frozen and not fresh. 


    Cut the bones and fat cap off.  Since this was my first I was not sure how much of the fat cap to take off.  So I decided to take it off in pieces and then I could but it back on with butchers twine. Rubbed with Salt and Pepper, left in the fridge overnight to dry off any moisture.

    Early Saturday:

    Woke up to coffee and a bitter cold day.  Weather man said it was supposed to be the first sunny/semi warm day.  What a liar!  Late in the day the sun came out and the temp maxed out ~38 F which is a lot better than the below freezing we have had for the last few months.  Started the smoker out nice and slow, took about an hour to reach 200 F (maybe it is just me but I do not like going from cold to 200 in a few minutes)  Once 200 was reached put the roast on and started with some oak/cherry mix.  I had mesquite but I thought that may over power the meat and I like the oak/cherry mix.  

    Mid Day:

    Someone came over to the house and I got to talking.  Didn't hear the Mavrick beeping.  Turns out the battery died on the transmitter.  One oak log caught aflame and bumped the temp up to 300 F by time I replaced the battery. Last I had checked the IT was 90 F now it is 117 F in what seems like an instant. The wife likes her meat Med to Med-Well so I pulled the roast when it hit 125.  Since this was way before I wanted I wrapped in loads of foil and placed in the oven on LOW.  Put potatoes in the smoker and placed Bear's Au Jus in the smoker.  Also, what kind of meal would this be without fresh yeast rolls.  Cleaned off counter and started kneading away.

    Dinner time:

    Followed the rest of Bear's recipe for the Au Jus, pulled and sliced the prime rib, pulled the rolls out of the oven, and threw a pot of corn on the stove top.  After cutting, I put some salt and pepper on each slice and seared two that would be eaten for a few seconds on a hot cast iron skillet.  The wife and I sat down to a dinner and dove in.  Typically we have to drive 30 min to get a restaurant that has a decent prime rib and then have to pay an gigantic fee.  Her first comment was "well no need to drive to Ward anymore!"

    Clean up the kitchen, throw the dog a roll, take a quick sip of tea, then back to work for me!

    Thanks for reading and comment below if you have any tips!
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    Looks great man! I like to sear mine on super hot charcoal after I slice it.
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    Awesome looking PR!

    And you made your wife happy too!!

    Great job!


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