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Discussion in 'Beef' started by sancarlosmx, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. sancarlosmx

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    Just picked up a 9 pounder for 3 bucks a pound. Have it aging in the fridge. At this time my thoughts are not to cook it on the smoker, but in the oven using low and slow for med. rare. Anyone want to talk me into risking a smoker method? and if so which one?
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  3. ciolli

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    I have done multiple rib roasts in the smoker, including the one in my signature. Very very good, I do them at more like 275-300 rather than 225-250. I can't see myself ever doing one again any other way. [​IMG]
  4. pineywoods

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    I really like them in the smoker at 225-250 they taste great with a little smoke flavor
  5. meatball

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    I have had it from a smoker, although I wasn't the one who smoked it. It was good, but it's such a good, juicy hunk of meat that I prefer it cooked [​IMG] in the oven. The smoke did flavor it nicely, it just may have been that the "chef" overcooked it in this case. So I would caution all of you, even those who prefer beef cooked well, don't overcook this. Great deal on the rib roast though!
  6. badfrog

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    I was a little nervous the first time I smoked a prime was when I was still living at home with the parents (way back in the 80's!). My mom bought it for xmas and we had other family coming. If I screwed it up it would have been ugly! to make a long story short, it came out great and although I have eaten oven roasted prime rib at restaurants (Lawry's in Dallas does a fine oven roasted prime rib!) I dont recall that I have ever cooked prime rib any other way than smoking since! When my cousin got married (who at the time of the first prime rib was maybe 9 or 10) she asked me to cater and specifically asked for the smoked prime rib!! Smoke will be glad you did!
  7. The only way to screw on up is to OVERCOOK it. I'd pull it somewhere around 125* to a max of 130* if you want med-rare (I cook mine to 118*-120*, but I like bloody-rare) . Anything over that is going to start creeping into medium, which is a shame for such a regal cut of beef. Let it rest uncovered for about 30 minutes, slice and enjoy.
  8. flatbroke

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    Smoke it. I m gonna give it a try too.
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    I am smoking my first for Xmas too. MIL seems a bit anxious and asked me what type of wood I was using and how smokey would it be...yadda, yadda, yadda.

    Wife loves hers rare and was not thrilled about my idea of smoking one. Thought it would come out dry. THEN I showed her a pic of one on here and she can't wait now.

    Good luck with your smokes!
  10. fatback joe

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    I'll second that......although I have had a coulpe that were select grade that were less than I was hoping for. I gave up on anything less than choice unless I am just running it through the slicer for sandwiches.

    What grade did you get for that price? Surely it wasn't "prime" grade, was it?
  11. mballi3011

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    I have smoked a couple now. We love hem with the bone in it's really helps with the flavor. You say you are going to age it in the refrig for how long are you gonna leave it in there for?? I would smoke the rib at about 225-240 or so and take it to about 135-140 for medium on the ends and kinda rare in the middle. Go luck and don't forget the Qview. For that price you got it for I might have bought all they would let me.[​IMG]
  12. chefrob

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    now that's what i'm talkin 'bout!
  13. sancarlosmx

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    Thanks for all the input. Answer to questions: 1. I am in Mexico and we do not have a beef grading system; all I know is that it is free range Sonoran beef. 2. I will age it for 1 week.
    I think you have talked me into doing it in the electric UDS. I have excellent temp. control and med. rare at the most.
    If it turns out good then it will be excellent value for money.
    Thanks again
  14. fatback joe

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    Be sure to take some pics. [​IMG]

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