Prime Rib Roast, First Attempt (Failed)

Discussion in 'Beef' started by foamheart, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. foamheart

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    A few weeks back my butcher had their special reserve prime rib on sale if you took a family pack. I got my family pack uncut.

    I got it home and it told me it was too young to die, so I set in the fridge and allowed it 18 days of growth. Never got above 40 degrees, I put some salt in the track to help draw it out.

    No I didn't weight it in and out of the fridge although I can tell you its was definately lighter. I don't own any of those devils toys called scales, someone always wants you to stand upon 'em!

    During my Bacon frenzy yesterday I took it out, trimmed it and rubbed it wrapped it and returned it to the fridge. I forgot to take a picture but you got the idea.

    Off to the smoker we go;

     9:30 AM starting temp of meat is 50 degrees, smoker set at 230.

    10:30 IT @ 74, realized wasn't gonna make it for lunch, bumped up to 250. Added another shot of pecan.

    11:30 IT @ 120, passed on more pecan this time. Think I may make it! Mom's "Boy Scout" beans have been slow cooking since 8 AM, the house smells wonderful!

    Will continue..........
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  2. Foam

    Looks good so far[​IMG]

    Happy smoken.

  3. foamheart

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    12:00 IT135, I dropped the temp to 220 again...LOL

    12:30  IT 142, I pulled from the smoker, now resting comfortably on the counter.

    1:00 Highest IT 147, slightly less pink that Bears.Sorry No pictures. Good smokey flavor but tuff and I love prime rib. I can't believe that the bump to 250 for an hour could have made that big of a difference. Course this is sold as sliced prime rib steaks. Whatever, the other one I have in the freezer is probably going to get cut up as steaks.

    Its about learning, maybe I'll try it again when I get a bone in roast.

    Thanks for the view.
  4. from the pics u do have it looks pretty good. Sorry it didn't come out like u wanted...i guess u can chalk that up as one for experience. Sure it won't be ur last smoke. Better luck next time! :sausage:
  5. mneeley490

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    I don't think it was the temperature bump, more likely the finished IT. Personally, I would have pulled it off at 135°. And every cow is different; some are just tougher than others. It's the luck of the draw.
  6. bearcarver

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    It wasn't the 220* to 250* smoker temp, or the finish IT. Nothing wrong with either of them.

    147* is a little higher than I like, but not high enough to make it tough.

    Must have been the meat.

    I don't know anything about the 18 days in the fridge stuff, but I don't see anything you did to possibly make it tough!!!

  7. foamheart

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    There's always plenty of groceries around. And since I fed this to Baby Sis and Brother-in-law, it wasn't a total loose. I just hate to put out less that great, know what I mean? Thing with Baby Sis, when I cook for her she always bring me what I cook. I cook a rib roast, she brings me a rib roast, I boil live crawfish she brings me frozen crawfish. Works out pretty good cause she doesn't cook.

    I'll rethink it. The pecan smoke and the rub was spot on, even I was impressed with the taste. I just couldn't swallow it even with little bites.

    Thanks guys I am sure I'll try it again.

    Good news, the tenderlion showed up and its HUGE, we thinking canadian bacon out of tenderloin!
  8. It was the cows fault. I have never known of anything you can do to make a frime rib tough.

    Now for the tenderloin their is CB. I like to slice it  1 1/2" then TQ for a dry cure. Then cold smoke. ....then grill or pan fry to taste.YUM!

    Happy smoken my friend.


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