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    For Christmas I know I know thanksgiving is not over but I have to special order a prime prime rib from the butcher. Every year I ask the grocery store for a 5 bone prime rib only to go pick it up and find that it isn't. I have to explain that the so called prime rib is really not prime but choice or even select The idiot behind the counter just gives me that blank stare. Why stores insist on calling it prime rib I don't know.
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    Beef cattle have 13 ribs on each side. A Rib Primal is a cut that includes Ribs 6 thru 12...So of all 13 Ribs, 6 thru 12 are the " PRIME RIBS " for a Standing Rib Roast and tender eating. When you order, tell the Meat Manager you want a " Prime Grade 5 Bone Standing Rib Roast. " No confusion and you get exactly what you want.  Me personally, I order Standing Rib Roasts from the Chuck end or Ribs 6,7,8,9 it is Fattier and more flavorful. Most folks choose Leaner rib roasts and order or pick out a roast from the Loin End, Ribs 9.10,11,12. This ALWAYS works to my advantage because the Butcher has Chuck End roasts to move, some will give a discount if questioned why it is so Fatty...[​IMG]...JJ
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  3. It's definitely a misnomer, as Chef Jimmy said- A real Prime grade of beef is gettin pretty spendy, Heck, they all are!  I just smoked a choice grade 5 bone from Costco, it was the best cut I've ever had. Could have been Wagyu, incredibly well marbled. Their Tri Tips are awesome as well, and about 1/2 the price of the grocery stores.

    Whatever you choose, at least we're not living on salad!!

    Happy smokin!
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    I am going to have to call the butcher and ask about this! I usually just tell them I want a three bone roast and let them pick it.
  5. Great information Chef. It has been too many years and forgot about that. You are always here with great information and help.

    I picked up a couple of Rib roasts the other day, they are still on sale and the butcher is real accommodating  So I think I'll go back and get a couple more from the 6, 7, 8 & 9 end

    Thanks again

    Gary    Oh yeah  ----   [​IMG]
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                     Thanks for helping clear the confusion
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    Glad to help Gentlemen. Have a great Holiday...JJ

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