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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by boykjo, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. boykjo

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    Usually butts go on sale right after the holidays. I found the first lowest price in a long time. Prices have rose dramatically in recent months due to the pig virus. I found butts at Harris teeter for 1.49 a lb... limit 2. I can get  away with more than 2. Just use the phone #s of the people you know who have an e-Vic card and enter it in at check out. lol. They'll never use it for butts let alone even if they shop there. Food lion lowered the price of their butts but they removed most of the shoulder meat and just left the bone half which I thought was taking advantage of the consumer...... We just had our first publix store here in NC and I am appalled on how high their prices are. unbelievable!. They had pork butts on sale at 2.49. That's with 50 cent savings from 2.99 lb. I cant see paying 30 dollars for a 10 lb butt. I would go broke making a 60 lb batch...

    Going to stock up here at 1.49. i only have one shoulder in the freezer........[​IMG]

    What prices have you been seeing in your areas?

  2. jckdanls 07

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    yea.. that's the going rate here for Publix as well.... what's sad is they trim the hell out of it and take all the fat off (and throw it away)... I tried to get them to sell it (the fat) to me but are not allowed to anymore... somebody claimed they got sick from it and sued ...
  3. b-one

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    Look on the bright side your freezer works! We lost the contents of our chest freezer at least we were low on stock at the time. Last butt I got was $2.49# but made nice burnt ends.
  4. boykjo

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    Sams club prices are higher than 1.49........... I think around the  1.89 range but are larger with more shoulder meat. I wonder if its worth spending the extra money and going with the sams shoulders. I used to get them at a better price by the case that no one could beat but not any more. I use to spend between 70 and 95 dollars a case. Now I bet their around 130 to 150

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  5. 1finder

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    RD had them $1.58 in November so I picked up 8, and then $1.48 in December. Now January and it's $1.68, case price through the 15th. Figured they were on the decline pricewise and was hoping for better price 1st of the year. Not...

    Good luck!!
  6. I just got 3 cases today for $1.73 per lb. and they are boned. The boned price was only $.10 per pound more.  Figure with the time saved and the weight loss from bone the extra dime was worth it.  A couple months ago I was afraid $2.40 would be the best I could find for my sausage making.
  7. so ms smoker

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     I found a three day sale two weeks ago at Winn Dixie, but couldn't get there till the last day. $ .99 per pound!!! Limit 2. When I got there they were out, but I was able to get a rain check!  Awesome!  Have been finding 1/2 pork loins for $1.99 per pound lately also!

  8. boykjo

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    Hey Mike.. long time

    Nice score at .99 can you use your phone number for your discount card. If so, use your friends and families #s who have cards and get by the 2
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  9. so ms smoker

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      Yes I can but could only get one rain check. The going sale price lately is $1.59, so no worries there!

  10. crazymoon

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    Boykjo, you are doing well at those prices. There are only a few stores in my small town and its' $ 2.49 (if I'm lucky) to $ 3.29 /lb.
  11. 1finder

    1finder Smoke Blower

    Just left RD and there $1.46 case price (51lbs or more) through today 1/3/2015. Figured on paying $1.69 cs price, starting the new yr out right.

    Good luck!!
  12. ak1

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    Right now shoulder is $1.19 per pound, ham is .99c per pound  and belly is $2.49 per pound.
  13. lothar1974

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    RD in MN is $1.69 lb (40 # minimum)  Bar far the cheapest I have seen here. Picked up 4 packages, 86 pounds (2 boneless per pack)
  14. Well, in Finland the price of "poorer" cuts does not cease to amaze me. just bought 12 lbs of fatty pork neck, and even with discount, still paid about 3,5 bucks per pound. The price is almost the same with loin...
  15. I've gotten them as low as .99 cents (from a fancy place no less), but can pretty well find them at 1.69 or so either from sams, Costco, or other grocery stores in my area. I got 4 at 1.29 per at a local "Spartan" branded grocery store (that's whats in my smoker right now as a matter of fact).
  16. for whatever reason, pork and chicken are pretty cheap here in metro detroit (can almost ALWAYS get chicken quarters for 49 cents or cheaper per pound, sometimes all natural ones). maybe the big slaughterhouses downtown helps the market here, I don't know.

    tomorrow I'm going to pick up a pork loin for Canadian bacon for 1.39/lb.

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