Preview of tonight's dinner!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bobbyk, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. Come back in 7 hours for the money shots!
  2. dutch

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    Ribs and Brisket! Sweet! What temps are you cooking at for that briskey to be done in 7 hours?
  3. rdknb

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    7 hour brisket seems very fast
  4. It looks bigger than it is. 5 pounds @230F
  5. Nice choices. I did a 6.5 lb flat at 275° in 7 hours. It's probably going to take yours longer than 7 hrs at 230°...hopefully it'll work out.
  6. Hmmm. I put it on the bottom rack in the smoker. It's not the thickest brisket I've ever seen either. Now y'all got me second guessing.
  7. kathrynn

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    Enjoy it....and if it takes can go on the 2nds plate!Kat
  8. Well, it'll be done when it's done..I reckon...

    IF ya need help in eatin' technique,let me know!! Hee!
  9. foamheart

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    They can munch on ribs till the brisket sings its happy song! If i would have done it, I'd only have beer as the back up plan. 'Course that is not too bad either.
  10. Foam.

    I like it when a plan comes together![​IMG]

  11. What IT are you going to pull it? I'm thinking longer than 7 hours.

  12. Beer is already flowing. After 4 hours, I'm already at 160 INT. I checked it when I foiled the ribs and then I foiled the Brisket too. I'll pull it at 190
  13. My Bro-in-Law did a 13 lb packer brisket on his Master Forge vertical propane unit this past Sunday. He wrapped it after 4 hours, and at 7 hours we pulled it and the IT was 209. The door thermo on the smoker was between 200-220 the whole time. I know those are notoriously inaccurate, and I have serious doubts about a 13 lb brisket getting to that temp in only 7 hours cooking in that temp range, but the brisket was fall-apart tender and delicious. Just out of this world. My guess is he was actually cooking around 300F and the double foil wrap helped speed it along. But nonetheless, it IS quite possible to get delicious and tender brisket, even a whole packer, in a 7 hour time frame.
  14. kathrynn

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    Got any Q-View?????  [​IMG]

  15. yeh what gives?? lol.
  16. Without further delay, it wouldn't let me upload them last night for some reason;

    No leftovers remained. I foiled the brisket at about 160, 3 more hours in the foil and it was at 197 INT when I pulled it. Fantastic, juicy, tender and the ribs weren't fall off the bone, but the bones came clean when you bit into them.

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