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  1. Ok have pretubed casings from sausage maker 32-35 mm anyone else use these and if so, may be a dumb general question but how much meat can I expect to be able to stuff into one tube of casings?  I jsut dont want tot pull out too much casing or too much meat.  Any help would be awesome.
  2. If it's the natural ones it says on the site that one order will do 50 lbs. Divide 50 by the number of tubes and you have pounds per tube.
  3. Yeah saw that after I posted I'm a dummy. Guess I should read directions
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    If they are around the same length as the Syracuse Casings 32-35 casings you can expect something like 6-7 pounds per tubed casing 125-150 pounds per 100 yards if linked and 150-180 per 100 yards if in a rope.  That amount will vary by how tightly you are stuffing them and whether you need to leave the sausage loose enough to link.  Shorter links means that you'll get less meat mixture into a casing.

    Don't worry about having too many casings prepped.  All you need to do is blot the casing as dry as you can, coat it liberally in salt (table salt will do) and put it back in the bag with the others.  Having rinsed and soaked them won't affect their storage life at all. 

    When I'm getting close to the end of the meat and don't have enough for a whole tube I cut the tube to my best guess as the correct amount and stuff it. 

    Good luck and enjoy the process....


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    I just used my first pretubed jobbies, I got around 10-11 #'s out of one set-up with the 32-35 casings from Syracuse casings. I found that my usual method of water lubrication on the tube didn't work and I had to lube the tube with veg oil.
  6. Thanks for the info, that was what I was looking for just to have an idea. I will be using them tomorrow.
  7. Nice to know thanks for the info.
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    The guys gave great info. Don't forget, many sausage recipes are great just made into patties and Grilled or Pan Fried. Growing up, Italian and unsmoked Kielbasa was often eaten as patties, w/ fried Peppers and Onions, of course...JJ
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    I pull about 18 inches per lb

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