Prestained cedar fence plank smoker

Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by billp10582, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. billp10582

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    I have some left over wood from a fence project.  It is all prestained cedar.  Can I use this to fabricate a wood smoker?  Is there anything special I need to know or steps to make it save for smoking.  Thanks in advance
  2. daveomak

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    Bill, welcome and morning...... Depends what the stain is.... If it is pre stained from China, I wouldn't use it... Kind of like eating food from there... LOL.... If you use it, one thing I would do is operate the smoker at temps higher than you expect to use it, for many, many hours to drive off any volatiles from the wood and stain.... You could also run the wood through a planer to get rid of the surface coating, if you have a planer available to you... Sanding may not be a good option as the wood dust could be harmful.....
  3. billp10582

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    great idea on running it thru a planer.  That is why we ask the questions, someone else has already thought of the answer. Thanks Dave
  4. If you plane the cedar wear a good mask or respirator - cedar can be really hard on you  [​IMG]
  5. dandl93

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    You mite try contacting a Sauna builder and see what they coat the inside of Saunas with.Saunas will not get as hot as a smokehouse but they would know what temps it is good for and if it is healthy to use for cooking.

    Planing is the best idea you will still have to watch out the new stains are designed to penetrate deep into the wood even planing mite not get it all.


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