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Discussion in 'Canning' started by rabbithutch, Jun 12, 2013.

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    I kept searching and finally hit on a page that says that if there is a high salt content it is not necessary to pressure seal the lids on 'Mason' jars. Since the lemons are salted heavily and are acidic in nature, I've decided that there is no danger of botulism - which is what one tries to prevent in ordinary pressure canning.
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    Are you canning lemon slices, or halves, wholes, etc.?
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    Howdy, Pops!

    I saw an episode of Joanne Weir's cooking show where she preserved lemons. The method is to slice the end bits off leaving a bit of the white rind then to slice down them vertically until they are almost - but not quite - sliced through. You then fill the cuts with Kosher salt or sea salt and stuff them into a canning jar squeezing the juice out and adding more juice to top off when you got the last one stuffed in. She put a tablespoon of salt in the jar first and topped it off with a tablespoonful. She also added black peppercorns and bay leaves. Other spices and herbs can be used, too. (Preserved Lemons)

    I found that the lemons I had were of such large diameter that many of them separated as I pushed them into the quart jars. I doubt that will matter much.

    Apparently this is a middle eastern and Moroccan technique for preserving lemons that is very old. After aging in the brine and seasoning for 6-8 weeks, the lemon is cured and ready for use. They must be rinsed to remove salt. The 'meat' is either discarded or used in salads. The peel is sliced and cooked with chicken or couscous or whatever dish.

    I thought that it might be a good addition to chicken dinners and maybe even as a garnish for fish . . . certainly worth experimenting with.

    Everything I've read on the process says that the Meyer lemon variety is especially well suited to this technique. Given the season, I found only whatever variety they are producing in Peru and shipping to HEB.
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    Very interesting!!

    I put "canning preserved lemons" in google..

    A lot of recipes similar to what you posted..

    I will have to try this..


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