Prepping some sirloin steaks for cold smoking (Q-view and Question)

Discussion in 'Beef' started by 5pmbbq, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. 5pmbbq

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    I have procured and portioned a 12 pound sirloin and I will give it a couple hours cold smoke tomorrow before bagging and freezing. We like to keep these (or ribeyes done the same way) on hand for easy weeknight dinners. Once the meat has some smoke on it you can toss it on the gas grill and still have a great, smoky steak. 

    I am curious on what you guys think about creating pellicle on beef. Necessary? Not necessary? At the moment I just have the uncovered steaks on a rack in the fridge because I wanted to dry them a bit from the cryovac, but haven't decided if I will wrap them in saran before I go to bed. I don't want dry edges but I do want lots of smoke.

  2. dirtsailor2003

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    I don't dry them for cold smoking. I suppose you could. Overnight won't hurt. Info like to dry age steaks though prior to cooking, super good!
  3. 5pmbbq

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    I ended up leaving them uncovered for about 8 hours. I checked them at that point and they were mostly dry and a little tacky which seems like it will take smoke better.  We will see how it turns out tomorrow!
  4. 5pmbbq

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    Well, here we go! Two hours of "cold" smoke (It is 87 here today) and I will put them back in the fridge to chill down and then vac seal later tonight. 

  5. humdinger

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    Awesome. I need to start doing this.....
  6. 5pmbbq

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    I am pretty happy with they way they came out, very nice and smoky. 12 individually sealed 1 1/2" steaks all ready to go. I'll let them sit in the fridge a couple of days for the smoke to equalize and then I will freeze them. When I want one just thaw overnight and toss it on the gas grill for a quick sear.

    I actually got my AMAZ-N-Smoker to work this time! I am quite excited as it has not worked with my MES at all up until this point. Today I put the pellet smoker on the bottom rack over the hole where the water tray goes, removed the chip loader entirely (I have done this before) and added a small fan by the chip loader outside the smoker. It burned the whole row of pellets for the first time. 

  7. 5pmbbq thats some good stuff

  8. 5pmbbq

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    Thank you! It sames so much weeknight time and lets us have great smoke flavor at the same time.
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