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    After reading about the successes that all you master smokers and better all-round cooks than me, I got to thinking about the problems I've had with brisket. I know that prep - trimming and rubbing, etc. - are critically important parts of that process. I've read many descriptions and looked at lots of pics of briskets in the process of being prepped, but those posts leave some important information out - not because the poster are remiss but because the process and the terms can be confusing.

    Sooooo . . . . . . . I'm challenging the brisket kings to make a video of how they select, prep, and rub their briskets. I would be great information for us wannabees. The BK could show and tell us how they select a packer, the difference between a full packer and a flat, the visual differences between USDA Choice and Select (assuming that nobody but Franklin's in Austin buys Prime), how to identify the point, what the hard wad of fat is (somebody had a name for it but senioritis is blocking it), where the fat layer separating the point and the flat is and how to deal with it, identifying the grain and showing how to cut a notch out so its apparent after a smoke, what the parts are that are best for burnt ends, and the ton of other things I've left out.

    After dealing with the physiology and anatomy of a brisket and how to finish what the butchers started, I'd like to see how folks make their rubs and how they apply them. I'm not lookin' to steal family secrets, I'd just like to see proportions and what tricks you use to have the rub be most effective. Do you use mustard? Why? Why not? Have you found something better? Do you score at all to get the rub to adhere? . . . . and on and on and on. We can save smoker prep and cooking techniques for another video, but I think narrated vids would help me and others a great deal.

    Any takers? After seeing the results the High Priest of Hephaestus recently posted, I'm throwing the challenge his way. How 'bout it, Foamy?

    Any others?

  2. I have no video but a few photos of how I do it. 

    I find the most limber brisket in the meat case at Wally World.  I don't waste money of anything higher than Select.

    Trim out the kernel and most fat

    season with Black's:

    fat side down until 170*F internal

    fat side up in the pan covered with foil

    and there you have it. 

    I separate the point and flat and slice.
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    Like Bamma, I pick out the most flexible brisket, then...

    Watch the BBQ with Franklin vides on YouTube about smoking brisket

    Those videos pretty much cover brisket smokiing from prep to finish

    Here is the link

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