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  1. i was just wondering. being a cook for 13 yrs,i know about prep! i am wondering ,if anyone has every prepped ahead any fattie meat? and then placed in the in the bag? and stored in the freezer? or is a fattie a make the same day food?
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    Now I have always prepped and madse my fatties all at the sametime. For some reasonI don't think that far ahead I roll out the sausage and hamburger meat and then look into the refrig for whats going into it. Then smoke it and cut it into serving sizes and freeze them for later.
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    The big question is what are you going to put in it. Eggs for the most part do not freeze that well and could cause you to have a liquid center. If you do use eggs be sure not to add any water or milk for sure.

    That is the only issue I see in freezing ahead of time for a short time - be sure to wrap it in cling wrap to help seal out the moisture in the freezer

    Good luck and keep us posted
  4. Whenever I go to Sams to purchase meat in bulk I try to roll out some fattie meat just to have it ready.  So far I've only had them rolled out and ready in the freezer for a week or two but no problems doing it ahead so far. 
  5. yea,that's pretty much what i am talking about. i will put a chub in the bag and flatten it at.then store it in the freezer or a fridge. for later down the week. you know maybe date and time it...

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