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  1. I have found pecan and peach growers who will give me all the pecan and peach wood I can use.  I will be able to harvest pecan branches of all sizes and the entire peach tree (truck and branches).

    To make sure I prepare it properly for my small smoker, I have two questions:

    What length should I cut it?

    At what diameter should I split it?

    Thanks for your expertise and suggestions.
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    Hello, markadams.! Glad you have an intrest in stick burning .

    You (with a small smoker ) willdo well with pieces appox. 6" in length a nd the big pieces ,the same .

    Your splits should be appox. 3" thick . This may call for multiple splits on the big ones.

    Theory is to have as much exposed surface of the Wood as posible. .

    The little bitty stuff is great for starting your coal bed. . Use all of that beautiful stuff . Fruit Wood is mt favorite , I have a lot of Apple and Hickory , but am havign to buy it now ,unless I can talk the tree trimmers out of some Maple ! ! !
    Cut this way ,you will have a shorter curing time . If you want a quicker cure , cover the stack with CLEAR PLASTIC , AND IN A MONTH OF SUNNY DAYS THE WATER CONTENT IN THE WOOD WILL BE LOW ENOUGH TO USE ! ! !:biggrin:

    You said you get this amazing windfall of generosity , ccan I come get some ??? :439::ROTF Or send me some :yahoo:

    Let's see , Georgia is a ways off , but worth a trip :icon_mrgreen:

    You have fun and remember ,
    Patience is a Virtue ! ! !

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