Pre smoke a brisket for July 4th

Discussion in 'Beef' started by austin buckeye, Jun 26, 2015.

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    Looking at smoking a brisket on Thursday and possibly finishing it off on Saturday in the oven. What temp do I pull from smoker? No vacuum sealing ability. Do I freeze it and then put in fridge? wrap in foil for storage verses foil pan? Water or broth to reheat?  Any help would be appreciated.  
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    No vac-seal or freezing needed for a ~2-day storage. I have left them in foil pans covered with foil and reheated in same. You could place it into a foil pan @ ~160*, add beef broth (just enough to cover the bottom...~1 cup...water dilutes the flavors) and continue cooking (oven is fine at this point) until I/T of around 180*. Probe for tenderness before you rest, slice and chill. Once you slice it, you want to chill it rapidly, so don't stack it high in the pan. You may want to add more broth for the reheat. Heat @ 250-275* to 165* minimum internal temp as measured by probe in center of food (treat as leftovers). To speed up heating and heat more evenly, you can turn the meat over with tongs once or twice during reheat (keep covered unless tending it). If you hold at temp (in crock-pot or roaster oven) before serving (safest method, instead of just setting it out on pot rests/trivets), maintain at least 135* I/T (per US Food Code).

    A better alternative to broth is Au Jus.


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