Pre Fathers Day Baby Back Ribs

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  1. Last night I got a rack of ribs together, I'm going to throw them on the WSM this morning for a get together tonight at my brother in law's for a little Father's Day get together. This is my first Father's Day so one of these days my son will be helping me do all of this. That's what's it's all about right? I'll be smoking it with some cherry and pecan using the infamous 3-2-1 method... I can't do it any other way! I'll post some q-view during the smoke. Here's some from last night... I wish there was some kind of smell-o-vision!

    I coat the ribs in Worcestershire sauce then use a little rub concoction I put together... The smell is amazing.

    Last the ribs are wrapped up in shrink wrap to rest overnight... I'll post more pics once this gets on the smoker. Happy Saturday/Pre Father's Day y'all!!
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    Great Start SBB !![​IMG]

    And Happy 1st Daddy's Day!!

    Be back.


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  3. Alright the Ribs and the Boudain have been on for a little under 2 hours now rocking and rolling at 230. I just wrapped them in foil and meat side down and added a little mixture of apple juice and coconut/spiced rum. I'll pull the sausages shortly and the ribs will hang out for 2 hrs maybe a little less. I'll post more shortly!
  4. After 2hours the ribs came out of the foil and back on the smoker for another 45 mins. I added some coke as soon as they came out of the foil then after 20 mins or so I added some pineapple habanero rib candy for a little glaze. That stuff is amazing on about anything, especially pork or bird! You can check them out at

    Thank for checking it out!
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    I finally got back here---Looks Great !![​IMG]

    Nice Job!![​IMG]

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    Looks great, only issue I could imagine only one rack!
  7. Thanks Bear!

    B-one, lol yeah that was a little problem! They didn't last long.

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