Pre-cooking fresh sausage

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by nogoer, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. Just made up a small batch of apple chicken sausage and i decided to try pre cooking it. Last time i had issues with very soft texture and thought maybe pre cooking would help along with other steps taken.

    I have never done this before except with kielbasa so i wasn't sure of a good method. I know large commercial places use steam cabinets so i figured steaming or simmering would be the way to go.

    Right now they are simmering in a big pot of water til i deem them done. Then ill cold water wash them and vac seal for freezing. I was just wondering if others pre cooked and what methods they preferred?
  2. A very important question is...did you use any type of cure in your sausage?
  3. If we are making fresh sausage we normally just put them in the smoker for around 45 minutes just to kiss them with smoke and firm them up a bit.
  4. Edit: never-mind, I think I misunderstood the question. My questions didn't make sense.
  5. Lol, did a search on my question and found i already posted the same question some time ago. Not sure why i never responded to you guys though...sorry.

    Update to the situation, i finally got back in the saddle and think i have my texture issues resolved. I started using the kitchen aid for mixing the primary bind instead of by hand. So now i have 5lbs of english style bangers and i thought that storing them would be better if i precooked them. So first, does precooking extend the freezer life of fresh sausage? If so, then does anyone have a good method for cooking them so i can vacuum seal and freeze?

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