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  1. ...I hope to slow cook a Purdue 4lb whole chicken.  Two questions:  1)  The chicken is tightly wrap (the way it was purchased) what seems to be in water.  Would this be considered a possible brine mixture in how it's packaged??  Or is this just packaged in water.  Either way is brining  still suggested.  2)  Most chicken recipes involved a 4 lb chicken...if I decided to slow cook a 8 lb chicken, other then cooking time would anything else change.  Thx for your input in advance.

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    Gcansmoke , I rarely brine anything anymore. I lazy and don't need the extra B.S. My chicks always come out good and (with smoking) the skin is limp and chewy , unless you Grill at high heat to crisp it up , or cook at 300*F or higher [​IMG].

    I cook at 225*F as my normal Smoker heat . It may wander up and down 10 to 15 degrees and still be fine . However , you need a good probe therm. to know the IMT of the Breast and Thighs (165*F is done for chicken without drying it out [​IMG]

    A larger Bird would be the same , basically. In at 225*F until 165*IMT.

    Now , after all that , if you want more flavor than just the (taste like chicken thingy) , go ahead and Brine with some of your fav. Spices in the mix . Garlic , Onion ,Rosemary , etc. Always use your therm.for cooking chamber heat and the IMT of the

    meat .

    There are several ways to cook the Fowl . Beer Can style . Spatchcocked , Quartered , etc.

    Be aware that a rub with a lot of Sugar in it , or slathering BBQ sauce on (during the whole cook) will burn the skin , making it useless. The meat should b OK , but the flavor will be less than expected [​IMG]  . Solution , use a rub you like (or make your

    own) with little sugar in it and sauce the Bird in the last 30min. of your cook. you'll get good color and great taste [​IMG]

    Send us Q-view of you escapades and join in our discussions anytime [​IMG]  .

    Have fun in your journey into the " World of Smoke" , and as always . . .
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